Monday, February 3, 2014

A ROOFTOP for christmas

This is our SECOND installment of
my Christmas Quilt Along.

I thought about giving details for the WHOLe house...
but decided to JUST give the rooftop today.
I'll add the rest of the house sometime this month.
Fabric Requirements for the house only:
Fat quarter RED
Less than a fat quarter GREEN
Small piece of DARK GREEN
 FIVE STRIPS (width of fabric) cut 3/4" of WHITE

Begin with a 5"x7" rectangle of DARK green.
Find the middle of the 7" side on top.
Mark lightly or fold to mark.

Cut TWO diagonal lines from center top
to each bottom corner.
This is the TIP TOP of your house.
The BEAUTY in this house are ALL the white LINES.
They are a little bit TRICKY...
but they are LOVELY!!
Remind yourself of this as you go along.

Cut THREE times as shown.
I DID NOT measure.

Piece in your 3/4" strips leaving little extra "tails".
makes piecing so much LESS stressful!

Trim off the little tails.

Cut a red strip 2"x about 11 1/2".

Make some cuts.
Some straight...a couple at an angle.
AVOID placing white lines/cuts close to the outside edges.

Set in your white strips.

Try to press ALL the whites out toward the colored sections.


Add a WHITE strip to the top of red section.

Center GREEN roof.
Sew onto the top of red.
TRIM at an angle using the TOP of your roof as your guide.

Cut a LIGHT green strip 2"x about 15"
Cut ONCE diagonally in the center.

Add white strip.

Cut again.
Insert another white strip and TRIM.

Add a white strip above your new green piece.
and attach to the rooftop.

My rooftop is about 8 1/2" tall.

How did you do?

ADD white background.
Use a WHITE piece 11 1/2" x 22"
Center your rooftop
lining up BOTTOM edge to bottom edge....
and CUT along ONE side of the roof. 
Move that cut piece on the right AWAY.
CUT again on the LEFT side.
(Discard the white triangle UNDER the rooftop)

Attach rooftop to the LEFT background piece...

and then the RIGHT.

Your ROOFTOP is complete.
Mine measures approx. 11 1/2"x22"
Don't worry if your's isn't exactly that size.
This quilt is NOT about exact.
It's about FUN!

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