Saturday, February 1, 2014

Scrappy STAR!

I'm so happy with my new quilt!
It's a SCRAPPY quilt.....
OF course.
As I worked away on this one I wondered...
Have I EVER made a quilt from ALL NEW fabric????
I kind of DOUBT it.

This began with a small gifted bag of scraps.
I added only a FEW more
and have what I think is a Marvelous BLEND of soft color!

I added a little more green.
Some quilters always add a bit of red.
With me, it's usually GREEN!

There was ONE little strip of umbrella fabric!
Oooh! I love it!
Here's my VERY simple paper piecing method
to make the star points:

One large piece of newpaper.

Fold in half corner to corner.

Fold in half again JUST near the points
 and give it a good crease.

DRAW a line down each FOLD using a ruler to help out.
I just make sure the lines are long enough to intersect in the middle there.


OPEN up your star point!
Mine measures about 32" from point to point.
Begin in the middle of each star point with a strip of fabric.
I usually PIN the first one to stablize
and then continue adding strips out to the points.
Sew right THROUGH the paper.
Tear the paper OFF after TRIMMING.
*It's always helpful to use a small stitch when
doing paper piecing. ;)

I'm going to DREAM about applique!!!
I might take a peek at pinterest as well!!
There's a LOT of white to PLAY WITH!

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