Thursday, August 9, 2012


Some BIG triangles have been added
to my DUMP and SEW quilt!

I love this quilt SOoooo much
I've already ordered the wool batting!!!

I look forward to spending LOTS of time
hand quilting this beauty!


Have YOU found a bag of scraps???
Are you going to

By the way....
It doesn't take a BIG bag of scraps!!!
It can be a little bag!!!
You'd be surprised how FEW scraps it takes to make a quilt top!!!!

Please join me September 10-15
as we show them OFF!!!!

They do NOT have to be finished!
Spend some time sewing
and share WHATEVER it is
 you end up with!!!

A very FUN linky PARTY is
coming UP!!!!


  1. No wonder you love it Beth - it's beautiful!

  2. This is looking so cool! It is going to rain tomorrow, so it will be a good day to DUMP and SEW!

  3. Your quilt is awesome, Beth! I wish I had time to join in the fun, but I've got a huge pile of tops to quilt before 9/1 for New Orleans. I'll join in the fun later, though - I've got some huge tubs of solid scraps that this would be perfect for!

  4. Well look at you!! This is a great quilt... so free and lively. I love it, too.

  5. Oh boy this looks great and the scrappy solids really makes
    a nice bold quilt. Oh yeah I'm feeling this challenge :0).

    Happy Sewing

  6. this will look great quilted with a modern stitch

  7. This quilt is beautiful!!! Love it!!!! I would like to do one like this!!!! hugs

  8. I love this idea. I'm going to have to give this a try. Your quilt is beautiful. This kinda reminds me of the Gees Bend quilts.


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