Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Coming Soon!

A quilt ALONG is coming...
and it's going to be GOOD!!!!

I made ONE block...

then TWO!!!

You know me.
I can't WAIT!!!

Got carried away!

Smazoochie is organizing this one very SOON!!!

If you want to be inspired
go over and look at SUJATA'S and NIFTY QUILTS!

I bet you want to make one TOO!!!


  1. Beth,
    This is going to be so much fun! I love your blocks. Aren't they addicting?
    Side tracked, I am getting side tracked! Got to focus and keep doing what I am supposed to do this week but I see another zigzag evolving in my sewing room.

  2. Oh, wow! I've been loving these quilts of Sujata's and Nifty's, and now yours, Beth! I'm already doing one quilt-along, what's one more? I can't resist. Thanks for the tip, Beth!

  3. Oh yeah Nifty already inspired me and I'm on my way to getting one done too.

    Happy Sewing.....I think Nifty started this fire under us all :0)

  4. Cute Cute Cute Beth! Cant wait to follow along! Yippee!!

  5. I've made two zig zag quilts so far but this one is just slightly different. I like its scrappiness too.

  6. I'll be joining in Smazoohies QAL. Yourse is looking great already!!

  7. I saw this TOO...I decided to make two blocks just to 'see' and I'm up to 24! I keep finding SCRAPS!!! Too much fun!

  8. They sure look like fun. I am sure you will sew up a storm and finish in no time!

  9. In love with your lightning blocks!!! I am ITCHING to be home, pulling fabric & making blocks!

  10. This looks like too much fun to miss. I wanna try it...

  11. I'm definitely going to join in this one! Very exciting!


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