Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mini Dump and Sew!

Here's a mini dump and sew project.
It began during Granddaughter's nap time...
and ended this afternoon after she went home.

I found one of the MANY bags of scraps
that reside at my house.

I DO have scraps that are ORGANIZED.
These AREN'T!!!

I dumped.

I goofed around pulling out some things....
What colors will I use??

Took that bright green out and added some yellow.
Much better.
This layout was JUST inspiration.
The pieces DID NOT have to end up in this exact position.
That would take TOO much planning!

I began.
A red square next to a turquoise piece.

I pressed it open.

I cut the end off.

My goal is do as LITTLE cutting as possible.

I found a stripe that fit PERFECTLY.
I'm amazed how OFTEN this happens!!!

Another piece that's the perfect FIT!!!
Woo Hoo!!!

Someone WOKE up!
I took a BREAK
and we did a little swinging.

When I was done with piecing my 9" potholders.....
I used an old towel for batting.

Quilted a few RED lines.....
Added the binding....

Here's the backing fabric.

Then.....I wondered.....
Do I CLEAN up this mess....
dive IN and make another
DUMP and SEW project???

I hope YOU are making something
using a METHOD like this!!!

The linky party to share will begin
MONDAY, September 10
and end...
FRIDAY, September 15.

LOTS of time to
DUMP and SEW!!!


  1. You're so funny!! Cute potholders!!

  2. Cute cute cute!! You're so creative!!

  3. Very cool and your "break" is adorable.

  4. Dump and sew, marvelous idea!!
    Take care

  5. you remind me of a flower arranger I watched once. He said 'Dont worry about a thing, just stick them in and it will be beautiful' Ha ha ha ha! He 'stuck' the flowers in and they looked magnificent. You, dump and sew and it turns out superb.....'gifted' :)

  6. these look great....i love your method

  7. I'm sure going to try -- I will certainly test the Measuring Me!
    p.s. granddaughter has a family resemblance to her uncle! Adorable girl -- always so serious or still sleepy?


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