Saturday, August 25, 2012

Quilt Along

My zigzags are all together!
It measures 50"x70" right now....
Thinking I'll add a border
with some of the leftover half square triangles.

I need a NEW quilt at my house!!
My son took ALL the quilts off of his bed!!!
That means......
I have a naked bed!
Can't let that happen!
Here's the link
for the Streak of Lightning quilt along!
Maybe you'll join in??


  1. What a great reason to make a new quilt! Looks great!

  2. Going to look great on the bed. Your son does look happy with all his quilts.

  3. Love you zigzag. They'll look great on a naked bed.

  4. This one came together so nicely! I love it!

  5. Your zig zags look wonderful!!! Fabulous striking bright colours I've made a few blocks for the QAL and will make lots more, I want it to be a big colourful bed quilt.

  6. Wow, I am always amazed at what wonderful quilts you make, and so darn quickly! Ok, I'm definitely starting this today. And, what a tribute that your son snagged all of the quilts on his bed - you'll have it filled up in no time!

  7. I love it super scrappy like this. Yes, you need a new quilt at home & your son may need another come winter -- better make two! ;-)

  8. Hi Beth....your quilt looks great and I was wondering how it would look with the lightening streaks left to right. Mine are going up and down. Its really should definately keep it!

  9. You made that fast and fabulous!I vote for another one!

  10. Wonderful "streak!" It's so you, too. I love how all of these quilts really show their maker.


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