Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dump and SEW!

I'm frequently asked how I get so much done.
How do I make quilts so quickly???

One of my favorite methods for a speedy quilt
is called....

The first step is to DUMP.
Take that little bag of scraps
and turn it UPSIDE DOWN!!!

You can use your own.....
For's more fun using someone else's!!!

Maybe it's the element of SURPRISE!
Kind of like a treasure hunt
opening that bag of leftovers from SOMEONE else!

The ONE thing you DON"T want to do...
is to measure....
You don't want to THINK too much!
It's time consuming to fret about the details!!!

Just sit in front of your  machine and begin piecing!!!!

Start by putting similar sized pieces together!
That's it!

IF there are LONG strips...
 sew these together and then cut them up a bit....

The challenge is to cut

You WILL have to trim...
BUT don't spend TOO much time on this part.

I use my floor and puzzle it together.
Sometimes it's in rows...
and other times I work ROUND robin fashion.

I love doing this!

There were some triangles in this little bag of scraps...
and I didn't think I'd use them.
after some thought...
I think I WILL!!!

STAY tuned!

Maybe  you'd like to make a DUMP and SEW quilt???

I thought it might be fun to see what others make
using this FUN method!!!

I"ll host a linky party next month!!!
Begin now....
Ask your quilting friend for a bag of scraps....
or better yet......
Find one in your stash!!
I bet you have one hidden!!


  1. Thanks! I think I'll join you! I have lots of scraps and 2 packages of scraps I won a while back!

  2. Your posts are always inspiring, and make me smile:) You share so much!

  3. Love your D&S quilt and the method. I'm going to try it out, I usually do more cutting so this will be a new challenge to do little cutting and end up with something pleasant to look at.

  4. Wow. You always amaze and inspire me Beth. I'll try this, but doubt it will turn out as cute as yours :D

  5. OK, I dump and sew frequantly - have a brand new bag just 'gifted' and will tag this for a 'dump day' - of course that quilt will go on to a charity - which I happen to need one for this month, great timing - Woo Hoo!

  6. I love this style of quilting!! Your phrase is great "Dump and Sew!!", very catchy!!

  7. I think some beautiful quilts will come out from your "method"!!!! I just might have to try this.

  8. I really like your quilt. I did a similar one except with more use of one background color. It's very effective with the solid cottons.

  9. I have 2 good sized bags of scraps sitting behind my sewing chair that I can't seem to bear with. Maybe I will attack one or two or three of these and donate to the local homeless shelter, winter will be here soon, and well someone might just need a warm quilt.

  10. Love your solids...looks like great fun, too!

  11. I've got a Dump bag in each color... little pieces I use to make paper pieced things. I am so tempted to join in your group... we'll see. Love the idea.

  12. What an intriguing idea and you make it sound like such fun! I bet even I could do a Dump and Sew quilt in a short time if I didn't fuss over the fabric :O)

  13. This looks like fun way to use up the scraps in my bin!! Thanks for sharing the idea.

  14. This looks like an excellent experiment to get me out of my Right Brain & working with my Left Brain.

  15. Hey Beth - Maybe I'm slow at catching on - but if we want to "play along", are we supposed to be doing it now? and share the pics in September? or do we Dump and Sew during the time period in September? Either way, it sounds fun, and I look forward to seeing others' creations! thanks!

  16. I'm in! I've got the perfect bag of scraps for it, too!

  17. I will have to try this for sure! ive desided to sew a bunch of quilts and donate them to some shelters this winter. (following in my great grandmas foot steps) but i have been very stresses i set a goal i wasnt sure i could meet, but now i think i can. im new to sewing i kinda learn as i go so im game for any easy ideas the less cutting the better!! thanks!

  18. i love this idea! i do this sometimes but i didn't have a name for it :)


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