Monday, August 6, 2012

Lovely Loom!

I bought a new toy.

It came in the mail while I was away...
I got RIGHT to work and began!!!!

I am attempting a shawl....
Using some yarn I have on hand.

The texture of yarn and fiber intrigues me!

Since I've NEVER attempted weaving.....
It's a little bit of a learning curve!!

My brain cells are spinning!!!

Inspiration for this unnecessary purchase
can be found

My sewing machine now has a rival!

I DO think the sewing machine will WIN!!!
you never know!


  1. How great is this!! I already have enough projects on my plate - I see another one "looming" ahead for me! I've already watched several youtube videos on how to do this! Where did you get your loom?

  2. Kelli:
    I bought this 24" rigid heddle loom from ;)

  3. Post lots of your weaving, please. I'm thinking about getting a rigid heddle loom, too.

  4. Beth my sewing machine shares it's "studio" with a 36" Leclerc free standing loom and they play well together. Weaving is a wonderful art/craft and after 20 years of weaving I am still learning. Enjoy!

  5. this is a fun new toy!!! i am excited to see what the finished product looks like

  6. You are going to have fun. We have a great spinner/weaver group by us and I am always so inspired by their wonderful works.

  7. Whew! You take my breath away Beth. How many hours are in your day. Enjoy your new toy. I look forward to your blogs about weaving.

  8. Enjoy playing with your new toy! It's very relaxing isn't it? Thanks for all the links to my posts, I've acquired some new friends already.

    I've got a rag run on the loom now that's almost done. I think I've got the technique figured out and I'll be posting about it soon.

  9. Cross training is a good thing. You will begin to see a whole bunch of new patterns in the weaving that can be crossed over to the quilting, and visa versa. It looks like so much fun.