Monday, August 13, 2012

Looming Along!

A new RUG!!!

Just right.
Just right...

JUST right.

I DID have some colored balls of  t-shirt yarn......

But once I got going with the OLD white t-shirts....
I didn't want to leave!

The Golden stripes are Cotton YARN.

There are some GREAT how-to tips here.
(Thank you Barbara!)

I think the NEXT rug will have some COLOR!!!


  1. Wow!
    What a cool way to use up old t-shirts. I am really amazed how quickly you finished this rug too.

  2. Ok, this I really like and could really get side-lined with. And I could use some new rugs.

  3. Can I ask where you got your loom. I wonder if I could order one. I love your rug!

  4. Super! I love those little tiny bits of color in amidst the white, and the yellow just gives it some zing! You are just weaving up a storm. Using the Tshirt fabric in this rug will make it last a loooong time. Yay!

  5. superwoman.....whatever you put your hand to you do it in style and speed :)

  6. That looks beautiful, Beth. Great job. You are really having fun with that loom.

  7. Wow your rug is lovely. You certainly rustled that up in double quick time. I crocheted mine so it took aaaaages and probably loads more shirts too. Still, you must have had lots of white ones to make it almost completely white.
    Teresa x

  8. You are going to town, girl! I am breathless....

  9. This looks great Beth! Good job combining cotton yarn with the t-shirt yarn. I've got a pile of my son's old white t-shirts that I dyed purple with Rit dye and that I want to turn into yarn in order to make a rug. In the meantime, I want to make another rug with fabric strips.


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