Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Knit wonder!

The miracle of Double knit:

Multiple trips to CAMP...
and it looks JUST the SAME!

Reminds me of that old commercial....
"Takes a Lickin' but keeps on Tickin'!!!"

I added a felt label to this sleeping bag.
We always know
Who it belongs to!!!

Do YOU have any Knit Miracles at your house???


  1. Does a leisure suit count? Love the bag!!!!

  2. No but you certainly are inspiring me!
    I'm thinking a bag like this to hold toys for my little redheaded granddaughter.

    Hey how many quilts have you made so far for your grandchild? :0)

    Happy Sewing

  3. I don't thinks so but I have been drooling over some polyester curtains and table cloths at the thrift store. I have been good though, avoiding another stash of stuff to store around the house.-)

  4. For the Queen of the double-knit, go to ("wienerdogtricks"). She was featured in Quilter's Home a little while ago...she is hilarious!
    LOVE your blog!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh, yes, some ugly quilts that refuse to disintegrate. No moths, no mice, no rats, no baby anything can break through polyester double knit!!! I think it should be used for body armour and survival gear!

  6. I have some doubleknit in my stash and I haven't had an idea yet of what to do with it - this is a good one! I would never wear the stuff the way my Grandma did :)


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