Tuesday, August 30, 2011

college bound

School began yesterday for my little one.
Aaaah! Finally a quiet CHUNK of time
to quilt a quilt!

This is my friend's quilt top.
(made for a college bound niece).
She trusted ME to quilt it for her!!!

Yes. Miracles STILL do happen!
It WAS a little scary to use my machine on HER quilt!

what if???
What if????

I kept telling myself to
SLOW down
and if all else fails...
I would just RIP OUT!

The pep talk worked!

Ripping out was NOT necessary!!!
Woo Hoo!!!

This quilt is NOW READY to move into
the freshmen dorms with my friend's niece!

Don't you like the way she perked up a simple quilt pattern
with the appliqued musical notes?
This one will be loved, I'm sure!


  1. Good job girl!!! I would have been scared too!
    Heck, my heart beats really fast when I'm trying to quilt one of my tellin' what it would do if I had to quilt one for someone else!!!

  2. I love the fabrics used... great colors, and the instrument print is probably perfect for the recipient. Good job!

  3. You did a fabulous job!! Em told me about you. I don't think I could even quilt for someone else. Heck, I just FMQ my first quilt! No wonder. LOL
    Congrats on a job well done.
    I've joined your followers.
    Hugs, Deborah

  4. What a wonderful quilt!! The FMQ looks wonderful. The loop meandering is quickly becoming one of my favorite to do. And those music notes on the front were the perfect addition! Congrats on a great finish :)

  5. Hip Hip Hooray!!! You did a terrific job on this one Beth! :D

  6. It is a great quilt and the way you quilted feels musical.

  7. Beth you did such a great job quilting your daughters quilt. You put your big girl pants on and had fun. Hugs

  8. You did a great job, Beth - and it's such a neat quilt! I love the musical notes added on there - the perfect touch!!

  9. What a beautiful quilt! Beautifully quilted, too.

  10. Em sent me over to CHEER you on!! Great job!!!

  11. Great quilt and the quilting design fits perfectly!

    LOL! One of the things I immediately loved about quilting was that I could always rip out!


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