Thursday, August 18, 2011


First there were the BIG 6" squares given to me Sunday.
I couldn't get those bright green calicos out of my mind!

I HAD to sew them together with some bright colors
because VICTORIA gave me inspiration yesterday.
Because this task WASN'T on my "to do" list!!!
Do you ever do the thing that DOESN'T NEED to be done

It's bright and cheery now.
And twin size!!!!

This one will be heading to the BASICS donation drive...
after I figure out the backing and get it quilted!

I love it.

Then there are LITTLE squares winging their way to me!

Little tiny pieces of blog love!

Thank you friends for adding some love to this quilt!


  1. the twin size quilt is so adorable...and wow! all those tiny squares look amazing together!

  2. So wonderful Beth. Great looking little quilt. The border makes it!

  3. The green just shines with the addition of the pink! Just darling! I spy my envelope, :) and a square of fabric! Happy to see that you're still adding to it! How big are you making it?

  4. No wonder the bright squares were calling your name, they look so happy together.
    I always want to do whatever is not on my to-do list first. If I want something done I should really take it off the list...

  5. People must send you fabric because they know you'll make something cool out of it!

  6. Great quilt - yeah did it again! Look all those posties filled with love - how cool.

  7. Victoria will love it for BASICS!! It is perfect!! It will be loved!

  8. Amazing what you can do with squares, right?!!! Love your latest for BASICs and your scrappy postage stamp quilt!

  9. I would have shied away from adding another bright to those zingy greens, but the pink is an inspired choice and using the green squares in the border brings it all together!!
    Teresa x

  10. Good job Beth. I need to get a quilt done for Victoria too! Thanks for the inspiration. Hugs


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