Monday, August 22, 2011

How To.

Here's a short How to.
Not revolutionary in the least!
But Julie asked.
So I'm showing her how I did it!

Choosing the fabric.
The hardest part!
You can think about shoes later.

My rectangle is 9"x8"
(You need a front and back.)
But don't measure.
That makes it more fun!

You now have a little dress.

Lay out the face fabric.
Draw a head....kind of matching it up with the top of the dress.

Simple face.

Starry eyes and a little mouth.

The FUN part!
Pull out some trim!
If this is going to a baby....use felt for the buttons.

Sew it on.

Attach head (front and back) to the dress.

Time for some HAIR!
I pulled out some 2" strips....measurements are NOT exact.

Sew the strips in thirds to hide the cut edges.
Try them on.
This time I'm adding more hair.
Be creative!

Sew head together.

Check out her hair-do.
Do you like it?

Two rectangles and
two little rectangles for shoes.

Sew them together.

Fold and sew.

When you get down the shoes.....
sew a curve.


Now she's ready for some arms....and hands.

Here they are.

Make them just like you did the legs!

What do you think?

Stuff the arms and legs.

Cross her arms so they'll hang down a bit when she's done.

Sew down the sides.

Almost done!

Stuff. stuff...stuff....'
But leave a little bit UNSTUFFED!

It makes attaching these legs a lot easier!
Pin them on folding the edge of her dress up.

Sew across the bottom....
Leave a little opening...

So you can finish the stuffing.

Slip stitch that little opening...
and give her a

I've started a flickr group for these!
I want to see what you make!


  1. Love Love Love these! I'm going to make one for myself....okay, and maybe one for my g'daughter too! Thank you! Toni

  2. Adorable...I'm going to make one for my youngest daughter's 1st birthday!
    Love the hair on this one :)

  3. I agree with 'Quilty Conscience' when I say that I Love, Love, Love your little dolls. I want to make one for myself and help my granddaughters make one each for themselves. Thank you for an excellent tutorial! You are most talented!!

  4. She's great - wish I didnt have so many projects on the go! I will Pinterest her so I can find the instructions again!

  5. Very cool... and very cute, too! Thanks for sharing this neat tutorial...

  6. You are good, very,very good.
    I know what I'm doing tonight.


  7. Thankyou, thankyou! I'm going to try one of these while i'm on vacation!

  8. Looks like Miss Lilli is going to get one of these..... they're just too cute!!! Thanks for the tutorial...

  9. Ok, am I the only one that is secretly chanting...

    :) Seriously, I would be in....
    Just in time for Christmas...

  10. That is soooo cute!!!! I am going to make a couple for Christmas presents. Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. love the button dress.

  12. Thank you, Beth!

    Your tutorial is just perfect!

    This kind of doll construction stretches me outside my pattern-loving-cut-on-the-lines-follow-instructions-perfectly comfort zone. But I am excited to try one and I will enjoy every step of the challenge!

  13. Cute! And your tute makes it look so E*A*S*Y!

    Thanks for sharing her with us Beth! :D

  14. Great tutorial; thank you Beth! The hair is so fun!

  15. OK, after my karate test today, I'm going home to make a RAG DOLL!!! Love them!

  16. She is absolutely adorable!! I am going to share with my sis who loves making dolls.

  17. It turns out I didn't have any polyfil to stuff her with, but I started my first rag doll, Nellie, last night. Thanks for the great tutorial. You can see Nellie at When she's done, I'll see if I can add her photo to Fickr. I guarantee I'll be making more than one of these!

  18. The doll is so cute I love her hair. I made a Raggedy Ann a couple of years back and that yarn hair drove me nuts. Now I'm gonna make this one.

  19. What a great tutorial Beth! I woke up yesterday thinking about making dolls, so the timing is perfect.

  20. What a cute doll! Thanks for the tutorial!

  21. Oh, I wanna do this! Thanks for the great tutorial. I'm planning on doing these today. I gotta make three, 2 for my granddaughters and one of me! I saw this yesterday and dreamed about it last night. She was yelling at me to make her in my dreams so I just have to do it. (It wasn't weird like Chuckie or anything, it was just cute, just so you know.) I'm looking forward to playing today.

  22. I shared your tutorial with some people in my quilt guild last night after I showed Nellie at Show and Tell - she was a huge hit!

  23. OH she is so cute, and no clothes to lose. I am thinking jersey (t-shirt) knit hair.

  24. Thank you for a wonderful rag doll pattern and tutorial!

  25. How cute. I am bookmarking this so I can make one for my granddaughter.

  26. Buenas noches me ha encantado esta muñeca, deseo saber que tamaño tienen los brazos y piernas, muchas gracias🥰


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