Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The last house block arrived from Mary today.
The neighborhood friends were entered into the blogland register.
A little hand pulled out a name
12 times!!!!
Melinda at Melinful
Marsha (sarah's friend)
Sue at Quiltzyx
Karen at selvage blog
Karen Notley at Sewing tales

All WIN one of these piles of 9 houses!!!

Susan Snooks at patchwork n play
wins a quilt top:

Thanks to Em.

And thanks to Charity....
(who sent these little houses)

Your prize????

You will be receiving one of these little houses.
Your challenge....
if you deem to accept it is this:

Make something.
Make something little.
Make something big.

I will probably add a little sidebar on my blog.
When you make something with your house....
Email me.
Let me know.

I will add you to the sidebar.
And we'll all have fun

If I have enough of the little houses I will also
mail one to the winners.
If I don't I hope the winners will let me know
when their quilt top is done so I can add THAT to the sidebar.
Last, but not least,
here are some of the blocks
that arrived in the last couple of days...
Just because I thought You'd like to see them.
Thanks so much for joining me in this
Neighborhood Celebration!!!


  1. How exciting to see my name on the list. I can't wait to see what I get. Thank you so much for doing this.

  2. That was so much fun, thanks for having such a great blog! Congrats to the winners!!

  3. Oh, my friend Marsha is going to be so excited! I'm off to e-mail her right now!!!

  4. It was so much fun to see all these lovely houses. What a creative bunch! Thanks for hosting such a lovely block party! I know everyone had a blast.

  5. Oh, how fun!!!! The houses all look fabulous and it was such a fun project too. Thank you so much for putting it together.

  6. What a fun project. It will be fun seeing what new "neighborhoods" are designed.

  7. Congratulations ladies! How exciting this was. I cannot wait to see who excepts the challenge and what they creat - will be watching. I thank everyone who participated, that's what made this so special as well as made for so many winners.

  8. Congrats to the winners. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished quilts. This was fun!

  9. OooOOOooOOooHhh! Thank you for picking me out of the basket!
    I'll be thinking about the challenge to see what I can come up with for that cute little house.


  10. Congrats to the winners!!!!
    Thanks to su much for organized this beautiful

  11. This has been such a great project!! Maybe it should be an annual event. I look forward to seeing all the quilts grow!

  12. Woohoooo! How fun to win a stack of blocks!!!! What a great start to 2011. This is the first time I've won a blog giveaway and this is certainly the one I wanted to win! Thanks SO much for doing this Beth. I can't wait to get my blocks!!!

  13. Thanks Beth for hosting the best block party I've ever attended!!! Congratulations to all the winners! Can't wait to see their house quilts assembled.

  14. congrats to the winners! How fun this was - thanks for hosting such a great event

  15. I can't believe that I'm a winner!! I can't wait to receive the blocks and start working them into something special! Thank you for hosting such a fun party!!

  16. This was too fun! And even tho' I didn't win a pile of blocks, I'm happy for everyone that did. And the generosity of Charity..I can't believe it! Thanks for being the real estate "broker" Beth!

  17. This was fun.. many thanks for the idea. And congrats to the winners.. looking forward to your creative use of the blocks. This will be an ongoing pleasure to see what happens to the houses.

  18. This was so much fun! what a nice neighborhood we live in : )

  19. Congratulations to all you lucky winners! Oh, I guess that includes me, too. Little house, what am I going to do with you...Thanks for arranging such a fun time, Beth!

  20. Sweet Beth.....what a nice giveaway.......
    I hope to see some super quilts made into new neighborhoods for us to visit.
    Congratulations winners.....have fun with them :0). and I can't wait to get my little house.....I hope it tells me what it wants to be.
    Happy Sewing

  21. This is so exciting. I can feel everyone's delight through the comments. Thanks Beth. If I get one of the little houses, I'm up for the challenge. Well done to the lucky dozen. Enjoy working with your own little neighbourhood.

  22. Oh how EXCITING! I won the quilt top!!!! I am going to quilt it, either by hand or machine and donate it to a local charity. Now just to work out who I might give it to! Thank you Beth for organising this- it has been such fun watching the neighborhood being 'built'! And I look forward to seeing how they end up.

  23. That looks like fun! Sorry I missed it! I'm pretty new to blogging! Congrats to the winners :)

  24. Shucky derns...I didn't win!!!!!!! I wouldn't have luck if it weren't for the bad!

    Congrats to all the winners I can't wait to see what you do with them!

  25. Woohoo! Is that really my name on the winner's list?! Yippee!What fun they will be to play with :- ) And you had enough blocks for so many winners! Truly we live in the BEST of cyber neighborhoods.

  26. Well done to everyone who won. Thanks Beth for the great competition.

  27. How fun to see winners announced and I look forward to seeing them in their finished forms! Beth, you are amazing for having gathered us for such a fun time!!!! So fun! Love, Em

  28. Wow, you received 99 blocks? Your post office will be giving you your own zip code!

    I'm so excited to win a batch of blocks. I have posted them on my blog today,, and I'll post again when I finish the quilt. I really like all my blocks. And the little house square too. I love what you did with yours, the house among all the orphan blocks is charming.

    Thanks Beth for all the fun!

  29. Hi Beth,

    I'm only just getting round to blog reading after having been away for a while. I'm so happy to win some house blocks, they will be put to good use making a quilt for some of the flood victims here in Australia.

    I will be sure to post about it a couple of times while I make the quilt. It was such great fun making those blocks.


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