Monday, January 24, 2011


I received some house blocks from Benta last week.
She knew she was late for the neighborhood block giveaway...
...but sent them anyway.
She didn't know it...but I needed these blocks today!!
I need some sewing therapy!!
And they are the perfect prescription!!

Thank you BENTA!!!!

You can see I just laid them down on some fabric
and now I plan on zigzagging my troubles away!
I also had all those lovely orphan strips
that had already been sewn together during another
sewing therapy session. ;)
Aren't they a great match?

Part of this therapy involves figuring out
WHAT to put in the middle and around the houses!
I'm dreaming about a big sun!
We'll see.
Putting my mind on this little village
gives me such happy thoughts.
I'm thankful I can sew today!!!

Benta also sent these four machine embroidered beauties.
I'm saving them for another day....
sewing therapy is needed!! ;)


  1. It's a beautiful little quilt, Beth! Isn't it great that the blocks came at a good time, and I hope they help whatever ails you!!!

  2. Nice setting of the houses...I working on one that goes round and round right now as well. I am so drawn to house blocks of all kinds!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  3. How nice that the houses came when you needed a fix. I just love them and the setting. Oh my - the outhouse is just too much! Have fun.

  4. Love your village Beth. Maybe the man in the moon would be fun. Oh make it the woman in the moon instead.

  5. What a great little village you have created. Love the little embroidered squares you received too.

  6. Oh Beth, I was sorry that I left it so late to post them, but now I am delighted that it worked so well for you. They look great put together like that - MUCH better than in a box in my cupboard while I wondered why I'd bothered!!!


  7. i'm so glad you got some houses to play with. it's been so lovely seeing the neighbourhhod houses popping up all over blogland.

  8. Love your little village Beth. I haven't made anything with my small house yet. Trying to get something finished for a birthday in Feb. I do look at the house often. Even took it fabric shopping once in my pocket. One day soon I will surprise you, and myself and actually make something. Love what everyone else has made.blessings, Bx


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