Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I ran out.

I knew I was getting low on batting.
But this to me looked like enough for ONE MORE quilt.
It isn't.
What's a quilter to do?
Do some PIECING.
Big batting pieces.....
Zigzagged together!!
I use a large stitch and a large size zigzag.
This is one of the few times my little old singer
gets a "job". ;)
My first machine still hums along....
But she can't do the machine quilting like my Juki can...
and my juki and little featherweight can't do zigzag.
So.....she waits for these little jobs.
Does anyone else use up batting pieces this way? I breaking all the rules???


  1. We definitely put pieces of batting together this way!! We buy our batting in queen size packages - haven't had enough cash to buy a roll - and I have a whole pile of "off-cuts" that are waiting to be pieced together for quilts! It works great, especially if you remember to let it go through the machine at its own pace - otherwise you can get a ripple!

    It's especially useful for really narrow pieces - which can be put together for mugrugs and little bitty quilts!! We don't waste a whole lot around here.... ;-)

  2. I always piece my leftover batting into bigger sheets! I sometimes fashion a project to use up small pieces, like a quilt as you go block. Then I don't feel guilty about having so many small bits flipping around the sewing room. Have to use every square inch!

  3. I haven't done that, but have talked to some quilters who do, and haven't heard of any problems. There is a thin tape for fusing batting pieces together. It is fairly new, and I would like to find some as I've heard good things about it.

  4. Yes, I do it too. Works well when the shops are closed and I really neeeeeed a bigger piece. Well done you.

  5. Of course you know, Beth, there are no rules! I've machine-sewn batting pieces together before too. Being of German descent, being frugal is in my blood! The only different between the way you did it and the way I do it is that I first overlap the edges I want to join. Then I use my rotary cutter to roll through both layers in a large wavy line. That way the two pieces really match, and when joined, you don't end up with a line through your quilt that might be visible.

  6. I haven't had to do that yet but I know others that have.

  7. I don't wait for the roll to be too short! I save up all the leftover pieces of batting as I go and as soon as I have a plastic storage tote full, I sew them together to make the batting for my next quilt top! My thought is that just as we use fabric scraps for quilts, we paid the same $10/yard for the left over batting as for the parts we use!

  8. You are not alone, Joan! I do it the same way Linda does. great.

  9. Oh,most definitely. Like Pat said, we paid the same price on the batt as our fabrics - we find how to use every bit of that fabric, so why not the batt? Pieced for quilts, wallhangings, runners. Small pieces for candle mats, mug rugs, mini purses, i-pod cases. And pulled/shredded to use for stuffing in pincushions and mini dolls.

  10. Yes I do it. The smaller pieces I even use to make pillows for the cats!

  11. I'm not sure about ALL the rules, but i most certainly sew batting pieces together too. why not?? i pay for the batting - why not use it all??

    At the moment i have a bunch of smaller strips, and i plan to sew them together....and that will get used in a utility quilts for ME.

    I have a kenmore (my first machine) who waits for zig-zag jobs too.

    I wonder how many other Juki quilters there are out there??

  12. Ha ha ha my friend Debby Brown taught me this but she calls it Frankenstein batting.
    The huge stitches left in the battling are just like how Frankenstein's head is stitched up!

    Works like a charm doesn't it!

    Happy Sewing
    and thanks for my little house it came today :0)
    I have some cute ideas for it :0)

  13. I've been zig zagging batting together for years!

  14. I've pieced batting many times. I hate to waste.

  15. Oh I had to laugh when I saw your pictures and what you were doing. My oh many times have us quilters had to do that!
    Just found your blog by one of the winners of the house blocks. Love it!!

  16. Have you seen the new fusing tape for piecing batting? It is fabulous and works great!

  17. I've only done it once, but I have lots of small pieces that will be put together for future quilts. And hey, I got my house yesterday, and started working on it right away Thanks again!

  18. Great job using what you have on hand! Hats off!
    I got my little houses in the mail thank you so much

  19. Of course, I've done this many times - I use the multiple zig zag stitch, you know, a few stitches left, a few right? I holds the pieces nice and secure and flat. love the frankenstein batting name!


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