Tuesday, January 25, 2011

neighborhood update!

My little village is coming together!
Lots of zigzagging plus I added some details
with easy peasy steam-a-seam.
The clouds around the sun are one of my favorite details on here...
but I was so sad.
I used the very last bit of that fabric...
I didn't have enough for more clouds!!!
Guess that's what you get when you
JUST use your stash.
And that's what I like to do!!!
It makes it more of a challenge!!
I think it needs at least one more border...
a simple plaid??
The decision will keep my brain nice and busy today!;)

How about you?
Did you notice everyone's house project
over there on the sidebar?-------->

You should run around the neighborhood
and see what people are doing with their
little, tiny, itty bitty house!!!!
Pip even made a quilt with her
winning houses!
Woo Hoo!!!


  1. Your neighborhood is looking very cheery. I hope that means your troubles are easing. Where would we be without sewing therapy?!

  2. Love the project! What a cute way to put together the houses! I'll take a peek at the others :)

  3. Oh, I wouldn't want too many clouds to darken the sky over the neighborhood. My 2 cents - a red border and then a plaid binding. Tuck it or chuck it. Now back to seeing everyones little houses - half way thru.

  4. May be boring, but I think a solid border would look nice! It looks great! And I got a nice thank-you from Riel who received my house block - very nice of her!

  5. Your quilt looks great and I love the sun you added!

  6. So cute and bright. hmm.. I think a dark blue print for the border just to "contain" the neighborhood and keep the focus on the homes? But auditioning assorted fabrics will tell the story. Something will yell that it needs to be in there.

  7. Could your border be a landscape print? Cobblestones? Bricks? Or even water, like a river. Wouldn't something like that be around a little village? It's looking really nice!

  8. Very cute! Can't wait to see what's next!


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