Monday, January 3, 2011

Endings and Beginnings

I'm coming to the end of this quilt.
It's been waiting for me to quilt it and I've finally decided
where it's going!!!
I've decided to send it to Victoria's Basics Quilt gather.
I figured giving this one away would be a great way to BEGIN my year.
A few pins and some quilting swirls....
then I can pop it into one of those handy dandy
priority boxes...don't you love those things?
I've used one of them almost every week....
sending little things to my daughter who's away at school.

The fabric in those two black blocks is my favorite in this quilt.
They look kind of retro....
and I love the way they fit in with the ocean theme!
It was in my stash....
came from who knows where....
But to me...
It's wonderful!!
Looks like I'm at the end of this roll of batting too!!
Maybe a trip to the fabric store is in my future!

Here's my beginning.
This quilt has been on my mind for a long time now.
I've been collecting fabric over the past year and thinking....
about patterns....
about designs...
What would be the BEST pattern/design to use???
I NEVER came up with a great answer.
A lightbulb never went off.
And you know what??
I want to make a quilt!!
I'm just beginning a simple Disappearing 9 patch.
Oh Good.
I don't have to "stew about it" any more.
Now.... I just get to sew....


  1. YIPPEEEE! THANK YOU BETH!!! You know it will go to a great home! and be super appreciated!!!!

    Your new project looks very interesting! Love the indigo's!

  2. I do love a disappearing nine-patch - they are so versatile! The one Christmas-y quilt I made this year was a variation on a disappearing 9-patch, and I had a lot of fun with it! By the way, your "finish" is gorgeous - I love the colors in it!!

  3. Love the fun quilt you've almost finished...and the cool indigos!
    Very sorry I didn't get house blocks to November blocks for Victoria's bee have been 4 weeks in the post from the UK, so knew I didn't have time to get one to you!

  4. Love the colorful quilt. And the fabrics collected will play devinely in a D9P. I have always admired that pattern and oddly, have not done a quilt using it yet.

  5. Pretty quilt. I like making the disappearing 9 patch, too.

  6. How funny! I got some fabric in the mail today and I am set on the disappearing nine patch too. Great minds think alike!

    Your quilt for Victoria is beautiful. Good work!

  7. The disappearing 9 patch quilt is on my list of things to do this year. I have 3 projects to finish and then I will begin working on it!

  8. Good job and good gifting for you nearly-completed quilt. I like your choice of the block for the new fabrics... it will showcase them nicely. They're beautiful.

  9. Your quilt top looks lovely & I love your new fabrics. Disappearing 9 patch is always a great block!

  10. You are off to a great start for the new year!

  11. You 'ending' quilt is beautiful. I love the colors. And there looks like a great 'start' to something new.

  12. I love the colors for the new quild, the disappearing nine patch. I am just about to start one using batiks I have been collecting for a couple of years. I am excited to watch your progress.

  13. Disappearing nine patch is a good choice. Lovely fabrics. Love your giveaway too.

  14. I love the colors in the first quilt, and the patterns in the second one are super. Giving one away at the start of the year makes for a great beginning.

  15. The quilt looks great! Have fun with your disappearing nine patch. I've got to make one of those soon!

  16. Beginning the year by giving a quilt away is such a great idea! Love the colours in your disappearing 9 patch, you'll have fun making that one.

  17. I love both projects! And an ending and a beginning is terrific for the new year!!

  18. Your quilt looks amazing! I can't wait to see how the Disappearing Nine Patch turns out! I love the fabrics :)

  19. Gorgeous D9P...what elegant fabrics! I love how versatile D9P is!

  20. Beginnings and endings - I love them both!


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