Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I couldn't wait.

Two simple borders SURE make a difference, huh?
I just couldn't wait to show you all!!!

I love this quilt sooo much already!
I'm also dreaming about applique on that blue border.
Won't that be fun???

One GREAT thing about this quilt....
Everything was given to me or in my cupboard
that great Turquoise/blue gingham border!
I found that today, extra wide, $1.98 a yard!!
That was almost given to me.....right?? right.


  1. Wow, Beth, that looks amazing!!! It always surprises me (although it shouldn't by now!) how you can take next-to-nothing and come up with something fabulous!!!

  2. LOVE it! And I wouldn't do a thing but quilt it. The borders give the eye a place to rest, and the neighborhood is busy, just like mine! Do you have any of the neighbor kids honking for others?

  3. How sweet is your little quilt neighborhood! I do like the additions of the checked borders

  4. I just love turquoise and red together and little checks are perfect with the houses. I agree with Tara....I like the simpleness of the a frame for the houses .... great job!

  5. So cute your little village! The borders really make it pop. And yes the border you had to pay for was really given to you, hehehe!

  6. what fun! it is easy to see how happy its inhabitants must be with all that delightful color!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! One stunning little neighborhood.

  8. Those borders are just the right touch. Applique would be a great accent, too.

  9. Gorgeous... just gorgeous! And wide fabric at $1.98/yard? A steal for sure....


  10. this is an amazing quilt. How much is the rent on these houses? I might like to move in

  11. The borders look great! Do you know the kids show, the Backyardigans? That's what this quilt reminds me of, a neighborhood where everyone's backyards come together and the kids come out and let their imaginations run wild. What fun if there were quilters in all those houses and they could congregate in the communal backyard to let THEIR imaginations run wild!

  12. So cute Beth! Your patchy first border reminds me of the sidewalks I used to play hopscotch on, many moons ago! Very creative and fun!


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