Wednesday, January 19, 2011


A little quilt.
Only 40" square.
Is that too small? was fast and easy!
AND it looks like it's the right size...
BUT.... 40" sounds so small! :/
I thought I'd be bordering those hourglasses with white.
But the white I had was not long enough....
Turns out......
I had just enough robot fabric for the sides and....
the BACK!!!
Isn't it nice when things work out perfectly?
Almost like it was "meant to be".

I suppose the new baby will enjoy looking at
on the front of the quilt instead of
plain ol' WHITE on those borders!
the new mom will not have as much
to worry about keeping clean!!!
It did look nice though. ;)


  1. Definitely not too small. Perfect size to throw over a car seat or stroller or let the baby drag around. I prefer baby quilts this size, actually.

  2. We make our newborn quilts 36" square - it's a good size for a carrier and we see a lot of them walking around church because they're so useful! So 40" should be perfect!! Cute quilt!!

  3. This turned out so cute! 40" is a great size for a baby quilt. I think he will enjoy this for a long time.

  4. This is so adorable. I agree with the gals, 40" is perfect - strollers, car, carriage, crib, or drag around.

  5. It all worked out perfectly!! the robot fabric is wonderful!!

  6. You love making 'little things'. It is just right for a little one to love.

  7. great little quilt - and I LOVE that robot fabric it's perfect for it!

  8. I love it the way it is. The robots are fantastic!

  9. Babies love contrasts! This will be loved!

  10. Thanks for linking up, Beth! And it's still cute!!

  11. It's wonderful! I love that double hourglass block, and the robot fabric is perfect. Much better than white, IMO. What a great baby quilt!

  12. Nice size. Anything any bigger might be too big for a baby.

  13. Robots are so precious and always make a child smile (me too shh!) That baby will be blessed with this quilt.

    Glad you are a part of Sarah Craig's Can I get a Whoop,Whoop?!!

  14. Whoop, Whoop! I love the quilt and I think it looks better with the robots than it would with white. It's so cute!

  15. Love this! The double hour glass is such a cool block and I love the robots on the back!

  16. Love it! Perfect size for a little sweet baby, and as he/she grows to toddler age, I can see them dragging their little quilt everywhere they go.

  17. it's adorable, definitely not too small. Great size for the late fall sports outside, fits right on your lap to keep you nice and warm, but not to big that it's bothersome to carry with folding chairs, water bottles, etc... I love the robots on the back!

  18. I'm sure the white looked lovely, but so does the robot fabric and so much more practical!


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