Monday, November 29, 2010

thinking and sewing

I made this for my friend Lori.
While I stitched away I thought happy thoughts about her
and the friendships I enjoy.

She bid on one of my quilts last month
that I had donated to a fundraiser.
She didn't win. :(
She's always so positive about my quilts.
What an encourager.

Friends like that make my life so happy.

I thought I'd give this to her
"just because".
Her birthday is in April...
and I just couldn't wait that long.

I think she'll like these colors too.

guess what?
She must have been thinking of me too.

Look at what she gave me yesterday "just because".
Vintage goodies.
Our happy thoughts were colliding this past week and
we didn't even know it!!!!


  1. that is so great that you both were thinking the same things

  2. What a special friendship. Your quilt is beautiful. I love all the gorgeous fabrics.

  3. Awhhhhh how sweet of you to do this for her!!!!! Your blog just makes me melt! Keep it up!!!!!!!!

  4. You must be best friends to have that sychronicity! Isn't it wonderful to have someone like that in your life?!

  5. Pretty quilt and lovely story! Friends are so connected.

  6. I love the thought of happy thoughts colliding - I'll bet they make a beautiful sound!!
    Teresa x


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