Thursday, November 18, 2010

How do you spell AVOID?

In this busy, busy season....
How do you avoid
those HAVE TO's....
those GOTTA DO THAT's.....
you know....
those LISTS?????
I sometimes visit old friends.
1 1/2" friends.
They always welcome me back.
Sometimes I sew those old friends together.
This one just needs a white border.
I made a quilt like this earlier this year and
So I'm making another!
It was a welcome way to avoid my "to do" list....
Let me tell you!!!

How about buying unnecessary fabric???
Little pieces of fabric.
Fat quarters = my weakness!!!
O.K. Friends.
'fess up.
How do YOU spell avoid???


  1. S - E - W
    Q - U - I - L - T
    and this darn
    C - O - M - P - U - T - E - R

  2. Gee! I don't think I can be very original here. Sewing always makes me happy so that is choice one, second is running into the computer room to "just check one thing" and thirdly "I'll just knit a couple of rows". Ha! I'm only fooling myself!

  3. This scrappy quilt is lovely. I think I need to start another ongoing scrap project. I love to sneak in for some mindless sewing! Oh! There is that avoidance thing happin' again!

  4. I'm in agreement with wacky woman and have to add to her list B-A-K-E (preferably something chocolate, 'cause it helps to fuel all my avoidance techniques ;o)

    Love your scrappy quilt!

  5. the spirally one is so cute! you just whipped that up! very cute! ha! you bought some more xmas fabrics! have fun playing!

  6. Avoidance?

    Can anyone else say "Spider Solitaire"?!!!

  7. I sew also, although if the lists are too many or important I find I can't enjoy the sewing as much. I love that pattern, by the way, made a pink one myself back when you were making the others, it's so much fun with scraps! I'm in the middle of a blues scrap quilt right now, it just feels good to use up what I have. Can't wait to see yours finished!

  8. I REALLY love your spiral log cabin...
    it's so refreshing!!!

  9. Just wanted you to know that you inspire me!
    And I wrote about it on my blog.


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