Saturday, November 27, 2010


I WAS able to quilt yesterday!
I quilted lots of straight lines.
This time I used my darning foot instead of
my walking foot. This way I can go as fast as I want
without worrying about stripping the gears on that special walking foot.
The lines might not be perfectly straight....
but I think they'll be fine.
As I quilted I also figured out who's getting this quilt.
That made the quilting so much sweeter!!!

That lovely orange thread was on my shelf.
IF there was a queen of hand-me-downs....
It would be ME!!!!

Somehow or other I have collected an army
of old thread.
I've got the new stuff too....but it's nice to be
able to use these old spools up!!!
Sometimes it really comes in handy.
I don't know what kind it is.
I don't know how old it is.
But it WORKS!!!!
Does thread have a shelf life??
Does it get TOO old???

Then the mail came!!!
Our lovely neighborhood is
comin' together!!!
Em, Karen, MªClara and Michele
were QUICK!!!!
Look at that little tiny quilt MªClara added!!!
Oooooh! I love it!
Don't you?


  1. Thread won't go old with how fast you use it Beth. Amazing.

  2. I have wondered that very same thing. I hope to sew some next week.

  3. Super cute that quilt.

  4. Actually, I've heard that thread can get old. It gets brittle apparently, causing early (and untimely) breakage. I don't remember the details unfortunately. Just keep using it up fast!

    Cute houses! I've got mine made but haven't put it in the mail yet ;- )

  5. hm.... thread age....
    i'm sure it has a shelf life - but probably not as easily expired as "some" quilters would say.
    i have heard that thread should be stored in an air tight container (if possible in the dark) because i've heard that thread can dry out and get brittle.
    i store mine in a tin and in a it can sleep... in the dark

    but like wackywoman said...with the speed you pound out the quilts - i'm quite positive your threads can't possibly get to 'seniors' stage!!


  6. I love that cute little house with the cutest little quilt! So fun to see all of the different ones, thank you for posting as they come in! I can't wait for you to get my package, I always love mailing things for people!

  7. It's great to see the blocks posted as you receive them. Each one is so different & delightful to examine! And like Em, I love mailing things to people, too. My block will be in the mail tomorrow ... NY to CA ... how long will that take?

  8. Cute houses and that orange thread if fabulous...can't wait to see the finish.

  9. Love that orange thread and all the old thread: reduce, reuse, recycle!


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