Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a beginning

Here's the first house block for our friendly neighborhood!
Thanks Ellen!!!
Woo Hoo!!!
I'm looking forward to receiving a whole lot of houses!
Then....even more....
seeing what YOU ALL do with them!!
Here's a reminder about the details:
1. Send me One 12" block
Some have asked if they can send more.
Yes. If you send more blocks, I can divide them
into more winning little neighborhoods.
2. Your block needs to get to me by January 1, 2011.
3. On that day, I will group the houses into winning
9 to 12 house per neighborhood groups and choose some winners.
Did you notice that some of our blog neighbors here
are going to donate the quilt if they win????
Isn't that sweet?
That is the kind of neighborhood we live in!!!!
That's why I'm not moving!!! ;)

I'm off to clean and
Get that turkey brining.
(I've never brined a turkey...have you?)
Can I sneak some sewing in?
I've got a bunch (17) coming over Thursday.
I really should focus on that!!!
Oooooh! it's hard for me to focus!!!


  1. I've never brined a turkey before, but I just read a friend's blog where she had done so last year and it took the bird an exceptionally long time to cook. HOURS after dinner was supposed to start they finally ate w/o the turkey. Somewhere near the end of dessert the turkey was done. Google and see if that is the norm!!

  2. We've been brining (is that a word?) the last few years, and it makes a very juicy, tasty bird. We do it in a large cooler. Have now become fond of brining all parts of chickens too.

    Very cute block!

  3. Check out Stash Manicure today, girl - I gave you a big plug!!!

  4. Nice neighborhood!

    I've never heard of brining a turkey...I'm off to Google. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. I have brinned a turkey before. I think it made it taste fabulous. May you have a wonderful holiday with food and family!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! My husband is smoking our turkey!


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