Monday, November 22, 2010

never say no.

My advice to you.
Never say no to fabric.
These flannel scraps were not given to me...I bought them...
3 1/2" wide strips. All different lengths.
They looked like they were leftovers from someone's project.
I love these colors!!!
So I bought them!!!!

I cut a few more 3 1/2" strips from my leftovers...
I made sure those red pieces were cut shorter.
I like the little pieces of red here and there!
So.... there was SOME thought put into this one.
NOT MUCH, though. ;)
OooooH! I had so much fun piecing this together.
It was like doing a fabric jigsaw puzzle!!
Fun. fun!!!
And when I was done with the puzzle....
I didn't have to put it back into a box!!
I now get to quilt it and give it away!!!
The fun never stops!


  1. Beth, you always do the most creative things with your scraps! I just love this quilt!! The colors are fabulous....

  2. Beth, BEfore quilting I always had a puzzle in the kitchen and now....Quilting has taken on the puzzle feel and I heard another quilter comment the same.....Isn't it fun to piece together pieces whether paper or fabric! Happy Monday!

  3. Nice quilt! I really love this style, and the colors are so pretty.

  4. I completely agree! I've been given fabric that others thought was horrendous, but in the right mix, it works! Nice quilt!

  5. Ooh, it looks so soft and cozy. Fun project!

  6. Cute quilt and fabulous outlook!

  7. Beth, what vitamins do you take?!!! I need your energy! Another lovely quilt top.

  8. this is exactly what I love about scraps :) I always take the scraps too. I love laying them out and seeing what suddenly pops and goes together.

    I love the reds and blues in this quilt.

  9. This is great! I love the bits of red.
    Your basket quilt is fabulous!
    I finished my house block for the neighborhood today. I'll send it off tomorrow.

  10. Very pretty! Lesson learned as well!

  11. You have just given me another reason why not to throw out scraps - no matter how small.

  12. Very lovely, Beth! I never say "no" to fabric, either. ;o) Scrappy quilts are the BEST.


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