Saturday, November 6, 2010

one little heart

I read here that someone out there in this
BIG WIDE world needs some quilty encouragement.
What could be more fun and
encouraging to ME than to make a
little itty bitty 6 1/2" heart???

It was fun and encouraging...
Maybe when she opens that mailbox she'll
get a BIG smile and she'll say....
"Someone out there in this
BIG WIDE world made this for ME!!!!"
I added that little selvage.
I've never done anything with selvages before!!!
Since I read about this little project on the
selvage blog...thought it would be appropriate!!
Now go make someone happy!!
It's sure to make YOU happy too. :)


  1. That's so sweet, Beth, and I love that selvage strip!!

  2. Both the block and you are so, sew sweet.

  3. Whoops my comment was supposed to be in here but I've added it to yesterdays blog.. hehe.. too excited. Thanks again for making a healing heart for Myra.

  4. This block is charming and I was moved to read why you have sewn it. I love when women extend a supportive hand to another woman.

  5. Such a sweet heart; thanks for the link!

  6. Love this sweet heart, Beth! Also, I really like the banner you made and can't wait to see it hanging at church. You are a blessing to so many!


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