Monday, July 12, 2010

quilt camp.

Day one of camp watch-a-patcher.

fun. fun. fun.

My teacher: Melody Crust.
I was hoping to learn something about painting on fabric
Here's a little painting on dry fabric.

Splotches of paint on wet fabric.


Here's a little resist practice.
I cut little squares of freezer paper and ironed them on
before painting.

I just goofed around with little pieces of fabric.
I felt a little bit like I was in Kindergarten.


Here are the paints we used.
I think I'll go buy some more!!

3 more days of quilt day camping!
3 more days of instruction!
3 more days of heaven!


  1. Quilt day camp--how FUN! Your painted fabrics look great!

  2. How fun! The different techniques have really different outcomes don't they?

    Jennifer :)

  3. I sure wish you would share some of those techniques - I love the last one particularly! I've thought about painting on fabric, back when I was making little girl clothes - but it might be interesting to work some into quilts, too, if they are colorfast! Tell us more about what you learned, please!


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