Thursday, July 15, 2010

days 3 and 4

I was priviledged to spend two whole days with
What an inspiration!!!
And YES! I'm as tired as I look here.
It was fun!
But driving back and forth....
doing all the family and household things... education
makes for one tired mama!!!
This is the beginning of my project in Lura's class.
A 23 year old photo of my firstborn.
Isn't he cute?
Way back then we had a lovely window in the front of the house
that he LOVED to look out of.
He was always dreaming of going out to play...
when he wasn't already outside playing!!!

Lura gave great instruction.
And let me tell you...
EVERYONE went home with what I would consider
a masterpiece!!!
In this picture I used ink and pencil on muslin.
Lura had a whole slew of art mediums to use and
experiment with!
Let me tell you though.....
faces are really not my thing.
I took the class hoping to learn how to use
inks and whatnot....and....guess what?
I learned something!
Here's another one of my boys about
15 years ago.
Cute. Love that dirty face. ;)
I need to work on this one some more....
But you know what?
I'm kind of missing my sewing machine!!!
Maybe tomorrow I'll relax and just sew some seams!
It's amazing to me how Lura can take her artistic skills
and weave them into such stunning quilted creations!!
You should pop over to her web site and look at some of her work.

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  1. How cute! And neat to learn a new skill.... but I bet you are missing your sewing!!


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