Wednesday, July 21, 2010

an old friend.

I've been away from home the last couple of nights
and let me tell you...Heavy sigh...
I'm happy to be home.
Oops! maybe not....
my husband just called and said
no hot water until tomorrow!!!
Guess I'll be back at my relative's for hot showers
and I've got things washing now that will need a dryer!!
Here's the happy note.
I slept under this old friend the last couple of nights.

I used to make simple quilts like this as gifts.
This one is my niece's.
See the simple squares?
The yarn ties?
AND she still uses it!!
Hooray for quilts!
It was so nice to be welcomed with this one!
This was the project I had along with me the last couple of days.
I made some progress!!!
The sewing machine wasn't calling my name like it does at my house.
All I had was this quilt....
One needle....
scissors and some thread.
I also had a wonderful "mom" to talk to.
Quilting and talking...
mmm. mmm. good.

This capital B made me happy.

I'm getting soooo close to done!!....
I can feel it.


  1. Your basket quilt is so beautiful, Beth! I know you are getting anxious to get it done! And what lovely memories you are going to have of the time you spent quilting it now!

  2. Beautiful baskets, and your hand quilting adds so much!

  3. I love the look of your hand quilting. So pretty!

    ; )

  4. Your quilting is adding such a wonderful texture to your basket quilt. I just love it! :)


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