Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This week so far....

I've been sitting in waiting rooms working on this project.
I don't love this project anymore...
But, on the bright side....
I am happy to have something to do during those
L-O-N-G waits!!

Only 15 blocks done.
I'm not even going to go back and remind myself
how many of these I'm supposed to make!!!
After appliqueing them down on squares
I still have to go back and somehow applique them onto
something else!!!!!

I began this one sometime last year.
Can you tell I'm a wee bit discouraged?
I guess I'll keep pluggin' away though...

I also made a donation quilt for my guild.
A great No THINKING kind of project.
It's also one that doesn't take more than
a YEAR(s) to finish!
I worked on this as a leader/ender kind of thing
as I was sewing other projects.

I was sooo happy I had this little box of 2 1/2" strips.
It sure came in handy for the binding on this one!!

I used a few scraps from that bin and think this
blue stripe is my favorite with this quilt.

Then I took this pack and.....

made a rain coat.

My husband will be leaving soon on a
2 to 3 week trip.
He thinks there may be some rain...
so now....
He's covered!!!

That's what I've been up to.

This is what I haven't been doing.

And you know what I WANT to be doing????

Beginning a new quilt....

crazy, huh?


  1. I really do like your applique project but I can see how it would get tedious! Aren't those non-thinking quilts fun? Your's turned out great!

    Jennifer :)

  2. The applique quilt looks amazing but I understand getting tired of something that seems like it will never end.

  3. Your joseph quilt looks lovely...I didn't get that far and I think yours looks great!

  4. Hey Beth - you are doing great on Joseph's Coat. I am just about where your are and still plugging away. Same as you, I am only working on it in the car, waiting rooms, etc. We'll get it done some day, won't we??

  5. You've been busy!! I love the Joseph's Coat quilt and it is nice to have a project to work on while waiting.

  6. Love everything, Beth! You are wonderfully creative (and busy!) Hope things become less challenging and you can find even more time to escape with the love of quilting!

  7. Your applique project is beautiful and worth all the time it takes, even if it's years. I am like you, there are so many ideas of new quilts, you just want to finish and get on to the next one. But I look at those intricate applique quilts from a century ago. Even one of those in a lifetime is a legacy. P.S. Your charity quilt is fun--just my colors.

  8. Two beautiful quilts! Hand projects are by definition long-term (ask me how I know) but you've made lots of progress on yours. You could take my approach and put the project in the closet for several years and take up knitting, then your project would be REALLY slow. I know mine will come back to the surface some day, but in the meantime, I continue to knit.

  9. There is no race on the J.C. how yours is coming along! I tend to have a mix of projects too (long term and quick hits!)

  10. Now Beth, id you don;t love your Joesph's Coat quilt anymore ... just send it to Ohio! I love it! Glad to hear it fills your time waiting ... hope all is well.

    Hugs & stitches!

  11. Don't give up yet! Having a project reserved for those wasted "waiting times" is always a good idea. And one day it will be done - completed using bits of time that would otherwise be spent reading old magazines.


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