Friday, July 9, 2010


I have lots of projects going----growing-----over here.
My "15 minute" crazy quilt inspired by Victoria.
15 minutes is never 15 minutes, though!!!

I begin one or two and I keep going.....

Another quilt growing bigger.
I really thought that first little border would be IT!
But when I sat down on the floor to measure.....
I realized it's still too small for a twin bed.
I NEED a quilt for a twin bed.
The kids all have one...but when there's company...
I realized....
I have NO quilt for the guest!!!
Can you believe it??

Lots of quilts:
cuddly quilts....
wall quilts......
baby quilts.....
but NO bed quilts!!!

Then there's this little project that's growing too!
It sits next to my machine.
As I work on my projects I sew these
little 2" squares together as I end each seam.
If you remember I was going to add these
to my giraffe garden....but they didn't work.
I have a simple quilt going.
I wonder if I'll ever get it big enough to cover a bed???

Lots of quilting.
I'm moving ahead...but not quite there yet....
Every seam gets me closer though, right??


  1. I'm trying to catch up on blog reading this morning, but looking at your lovely projects makes me want to drop everything and go sew! Pretty, pretty, pretty!

  2. Yeah, Beth, I'm trying to clean here, just catching up on blogs while I eat lunch, but now I want to go sew!!!!! I love that crazy quilt, and the striped quilt is looking fabulous!!! I know what you mean about not having any bed quilts - none of my beds have homemade quilts on them! It drives my hubby crazy.......

  3. Beth, I really like how your stripe quilt turned out! Very pretty!

  4. I always have lots of projects as well. I guarantee that your two inch blocks will turn into a quilt before you know it!! Great job!!

  5. Such yumminess. Your striped fabric quilt is looking so lovely.

  6. I especially love your '15 minute' quilt blocks. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Happy Sewing! :o)

  7. I love the way the striped quilt is turning out.

  8. these look are so busy

  9. You have been busy! A love all your projects! Before you know it, they will all be done. I tried the 15 minutes things but like you said, it's never just 15... Thanks for sharing!

  10. your crazy squares look so pretty... i look forward to seeing them in a quilt.

    the 2" squares will be so-o neat in a quilt... that's kind of a project in my plans for our own bed...


  11. Growth is good! ;-) Happy quilting!

  12. Oh, you will soon have your quilt out of those cutie 2" squares. Just you wait.


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