Saturday, July 3, 2010


I was able to get all my pinwheels together!!
I love 'em.
This quilt far....measures 59"x46".
But, I want it to be bigger.
I had planned on adding some concentric square blocks
around the outside of this...
Aren't they pretty?

But, after playing around with these yesterday
I had an idea!!

What if I add a strip of the little triangles around
the border??
I like it.

Guess I'll be cutting some triangles this weekend.

look at what I found languishing at the thrift store.
A little unfinished project.
The decorative stitching is all done...but that's it.
I had to buy it.
50 cents.

Don't you think it will make a cute pillow?
Me too.


  1. Wow! That quilt is so striking. I had no idea it would looks so stunning put together from seeing your individual block progress. It's a beauty!

    Love your thrift store purchase too. It will make a darling pillowcase.

  2. I too love that quilt. And what a cute pillow to be.

  3. Very cool!! I really like your border idea - it will finish it off perfectly.

  4. Your quilt is striking. It's a nice graphic design for those fabrics. Good for you for rescuing that embroidery. It will be happy to be finished up.

  5. Your pinwheel quilt is awesome! I love your idea for the border.

  6. Love the border idea! It took my breath away when I saw it - I love stuff that makes me go "Oooooooooh! Look at that!!" My husband, not so much...... ;-)

  7. Great border idea for this quilt!

  8. Love this quilt, and your border idea is brilliant! I wasn't sure I liked the idea of a border until I saw your idea. Inspired!

  9. So cool Beth! I SOOO love stripes! Love them in pinwheels! nice job!

  10. Love those pinweels and the border idea is just fab, how talented you are!

  11. I'm with everyone else... that striped quilt is just stunning... love your border idea too.


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