Thursday, July 1, 2010

pluggin' away.

I haven't mentioned this quilt for a while...
but I'm still pluggin' away at it.
A few stitches here...
A few stitches there....
One of these days there won't be
any more stitches needed!!!
Can't. wait.

That's my S-L-O-W project.

Here's a quick one.
It doesn't even require a needle and thread!!

Some fabric.....
I like that part....

and a couple of tools:
screw driver. upholstery nails. hammer.

There were only FOUR screws holding those padded seats down.

I covered these chairs for some friends
who thought it would be a hard job...


  1. So nice to see a picture of your liberated Amish baskets quilt! I just love it!

  2. Your hand quilting really enhances this already great quilt!

  3. Love your baskets quilt! It's really beautiful, especially with the hand quilting.... Your striped fabric arrived today - so much fun! I love the pink one especially. Can't wait to start playing with it all!! Thanks again!

  4. Beth, your quilting is so beautiful. looks great!

  5. Beth, I like seeing your basket quilt again. Your quilting is fabulous! I brought mine on the trip to do some hand quilting but I have the wrong needles ... ugh. Can't believe those chairs were simple to redo. They look amazing! Enjoy the holiday weekend.

  6. Pretty quilt and great chair! Thanks for sharing. Happy Sewing! :o)

  7. I think it must be the week for chairs! There are several here in Sew&Tell and I've got a half done project on my patio. And it is SO much easier than it looks :o)

  8. Enjoyed your post ... thanks for sharing!

  9. I love how your quilt is coming out. The stitches give it a such a modern feel. It's great when just some simple fabric can change the look of some chairs. They look great!

  10. Great chair project!
    And that is a seriously beautiful quilt! I really love the design and the big quilting stitch. I just started hand quilting a quilt by myself for the first time - yeah, it's going to be my slow project all right.

  11. I'm loving your Amish baskets quilt!! It will be definitely worth the effort you're putting in!

  12. Your baskets are looking beautiful! Love your chair make over! Love a simple project that has such a huge impact!

  13. The quilt is so fun and cheery, and the chair looks so great!


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