Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I've decided apple cores are definitely a challenge!!
Now I can say "I did it!"
And I DO like to say that!!
After piecing all those apple cores..
I added a piece of flannel to the back.
By the way.....
I did NOT hand piece this like I thought I would...
Found out...
I can't hand piece!!!
The stitches were way too big and sloppy.
....I settled for machine piecing and some
seams that don't match.
This will sit on my kitchen table and I KNOW
my family won't care if things match. :)

Right sides together.
Notice the striped flannel??
Woo hoo!!
simple pleasures.

Sew around the edge.
leave an opening.

Turn right side out.
slip stitch that opening closed.
There's a better picture of the backing.

Now I'm going to do a little stitching.
My little summer project is almost done.


  1. Very cute! Sometimes small is better.

  2. I like it! It is perfect just the size it is,and the stripes make it a fun piece.

  3. Oh, you did it! That looks wonderful, Beth! What a great little table mat! I don't think I have one of these in me, so I'll just have to enjoy yours. Well done!

  4. Cute! Love those apple cores - and I have a feeling with them, smaller is definitely better - at least to the maker!!

  5. Well done, Beth, it's wonderful! I would think machine pieceing the apple cores would be more difficult than hand pieceing; but there you go.

  6. That is so cute! It's the perfect addition to a kitchen table...

    Jennifer :)

  7. I love the gold hand-stitching! I guess I need to get some doll blankets finished so I can take them along in the car to hand-stitch, they look so nice that way!

  8. you are very brave...
    i gave up on hand stitching long i find projects that can be sewn by machine.

  9. Well done you!!! I've had the apple core template in my stash for over 10 years and haven't yet attempted it yet...I guess it is high time I tried!

  10. a booger to sew, but beautiful interplay of fabrics - really turned out well.


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