Tuesday, June 8, 2010

finish line.

My teacher quilt is quilted.
The binding is attached.
All I need to do now it to hand stitch the binding on the back.
Give it away!!!!
I love this fabric on the back.
I found this last year at a thrift shop.
It's actually curtains. They were brand new!!
I think it works just fine as a backing!!
Bright and cheery!

You can see my quilting is just a simple stipple,
And the binding that I finally chose
is green.
I thought the binding would be yellow.....
Amazing how we(I) can agonize over these
simple things in life!
Before I begin hand stitching that binding down,
thought I'd share with you my husband's hobby.
I benefit quite a bit from his labors!!!
Although if his garden produces like it did last year.....
I'm going to be busy, busy, busy
canning and freezing the produce!!


Baby tomatoes....
We hope they grow up soon!

I'm going to be having a summer salad in no time!!!
I'm already cooking that zucchini.
I add it to almost every evening meal in one form or another!!
Tonight it was saute'ed with some onion and carrots.


  1. I love your teacher's quilt. I know she will be thrilled with it. That's a great thrift store find. Care to share where you shop?

  2. That is a Perfect back. And agonizing over a quilt is part of what makes quilting worth doing. It gets very personal, even when it is given away. In fact, maybe even more so when it is given away.

  3. I love the quilt, the backing, and the binding. This is the first year I havn't grown vegetable. But, being alone it is hard to justify. Maybe some herbs.

  4. Oh how can you bear to give it away! It is stunning and the back works perfectly.

  5. Oh I love it! My fiance is a 4th grade teacher, but boys aren't as big on quilts as us ladies, it seems like! But yes, good find on those curtains! They worked great for the back!!

  6. Amazing! I love all the special details. She is going to love it!

    Jennifer :)

  7. Beth, that quilt has turned out just gorgeous!! The backing is perfect, too - I love using "found" materials in my quilts. And a binding can make or break a quilt - so obsess over it all you want!!

  8. I just finished a teacher quilt too, must be that time of year. :) I love this one. The school bus is my favorite.

  9. Love our quilt, and the backing! I bet that teacher will melt when she gets it!

  10. fun quilt, yummy produce - mmmm. Congrats!

  11. You have an amazing garden that is in full bloom! Yumm. The quilt is gorgeous! Lucky teacher!


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