Friday, June 4, 2010

friday finishes

Here are two of the pinwheels from my teacher quilt.
They didn't end up in the teacher quilt because
they were going the wrong way!
I decided they needed to put to good use!
My 16 year old son will be traveling to Spain
in a couple of weeks and will be staying with a host family.
I think these will make a nice thank you gift.
Don't you?
And I'm sure these little pinwheels will be happy to travel.
I would!!

You can see the fun fabric on the back
and my simple quilting lines.

This quilt will also be traveling soon!
I finished putting the blocks together,
quilting and binding.
The blocks were made by friends
who also wrote little messages on the blocks.
Kind of a signature quilt.
The quilt will be gifted to a missionary couple
going to Uruguay.

I can now say I'm an international quilter!!!

I'm adding this to Amy's sew and tell Friday!!!
It's fun to see what everyone accomplishes each week!


  1. Beautiful quilt and beautiful potholders!! I love that backing fabric! I'll hopefully have some of those to show myself next week - I'm teaching a Quilting 101 this weekend, using potholders as "mini-quilts" to teach the concepts. Good thing - I really need some!!

  2. Oh my, Beth, you whip up those quilts in the speed of light! I think the pot holders are a great gift, and the back is very appropriate for Spain. The quilt is just beautiful!

  3. what a lovely thank you gift and lucky son, getting to travel to Spain

  4. Another great gift Beth. You really are a fabulous person. Spain! How lovely he gets to have such a wonderful experience.

  5. The pinwheels will make great gifts. Who can resist a cute pinwheel? I know I can't. Fantastic quilt!

  6. Those pot holders will be a great gift. Nice idea. Your signature quilt is beautiful and I love the idea that the recipient will be always covered in the love of those at home.

  7. Those potholders are darling. That quilt is so pretty too - what a blessing it will be to your missionary friends.

  8. Ah beautiful stuff you've made. That quilt is absolutely wonderful, I love everything about it! Yay for missionaries!

  9. NIce Friday finishes! Pot holders are a great way to use leftover blocks, and I'm sure that quilt will be very meaningful to the couple leaving for Uruguay. Have a great weekend!

  10. Very pretty quilting! They will make beautiful gifts! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  11. Beautiful quilt and part of a quilt history!

  12. Love the happy pinwheel hot pads. The quilt is lovely. Both will be loved I'm sure.

  13. What fantastic gifts! They look great!

  14. Love the pinwheels in the pot holders! I have some extra pinwheels myself from a quilt I started, and I didn't even think to put them into a pot holder! I get bummed about binding my pot holders though, so I avoid making them more and more. :P

  15. What a wonderful gift for the missionary! The host family will be very pleases with their gift too :o)

  16. What a great way to use orphan blocks. I have two pinwheel orphans right now just begging to be potholders, thanks!


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