Monday, June 21, 2010

a better way.

I don't know about you,
But I learn a lot by DOING.
I can follow a pattern...sometimes.
But...I really like to experiment and
It's kind of empowering,
Don't you think?
last week I began cutting those stripes.
I first cut some blocks and then made 2 diagonal cuts.
I did blog about it here.
After deciding that I really liked those pinwheels,
I realized I only want the stripes going ONE way....
Not two.
So I figured out how to do it!
Sarah did try to steer me to a book for instruction,
but I didn't make it to the library or bookstore...
And I was kind of anxious to move ahead.
You know me!
I cut my stripe 3" wide.

Used the 45 degree line on my ruler....
And began at the fold!!
That way I'll have a triangle there too!

45 degrees
45 degrees.

There's the fold....
Opened up of course.

A whole fleet of pinwheels.

Will you be making a striped quilt this summer?
Let me know.
I'll add your name to the sidebar there
and then on Thursday I'll draw a winner
for a few of my 1/4 yd striped fabric pieces!!...
Then you'll have little bit of fabric to get you going!!

So far, the odds are very good for the
quilters that signed up for the challenge!!


  1. Love the stripes...I like to "work" things out my way too...but I will call for advice if I need it!

  2. Wow! I do like the way those strips go in one direction! (The book I steered you towards wouldn't have helped for that - it was for concentric stripes.) Your quit pic above might be enough to push me into making a striped quilt - is there any penalty if I just run out of time?

  3. Have you tried using HST's with your stripes? I hate cutting triangles.....

  4. those are so cool!
    I like figuring things out too - since I'm a newbie, I sometimes don't realize what complicated waters I'm trying to navigate which my experienced sewer friend tells me is good because it makes me fearless.

  5. sweet...
    i looked through my stash...
    you know i have very few stripes??
    anyway -
    i'm enjoying watching what you're doing.

  6. That looks great! Any day I should be getting a new supply of vintage sheets in stripes that I'm going to use for this challenge. I can't wait!

    Jennifer :)

  7. I love your striped pinwheels! I don't know that I will make a striped quilt this summer or not. I have some striped and plaid shirtings that I want to make one from, but I really need to finish up some other projects first.

  8. I love your stripes! Like you, I tend to just jump in on a project and work through any hurdles that arise.
    Most of the stripes in my stash have been reserved for narrow borders and have me looking at them differently now. :)

  9. Hi Beth...surprisingly with all my stash, there are not many strippy fabrics (I usually use strips in borders or bindings as well)....they can be either a challenge or a pain if you have to match them...maybe I need to get over that..LOL..I do not have a blog can I still join in on this??? LindaB (aust)

  10. Boy, I am liking your stripe posts! They are so fun, and your collection has such depth~ amazing creations, Beth!


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