Thursday, June 3, 2010

simple lines.

I quilted some simple lines last night.
This blue tape is a wonder!!
I just kept moving it over as I quilted
and it stayed "sticky" the whole time!
The tape kept me IN LINE!!

I like the simple lines.

This is a happy quilt!

Since I really liked the green and pink fabrics on the front.
I chose green and pink for the backing.
Since the front is flannel...
and I live in southern california...
I used cotton on the back.
I've used flannel before as backing
and it makes for a VERY heavy quilt!

The quilt measures 46"x46".
Hot pink binding.
A finished quilt!
woo hoo!!!

I found out I'm actually USING my thread catcher!
I thought I would continue dropping the threads on the floor...
(old habits die hard!)
But I've been a good girl. :)
to reward myself,
I added some ribbon and a button.
Now my little thread catcher is


  1. That is a beautiful quilt! So happy and I love the lines. You did a great job! And aren't thread catchers wonderful? My husband and I joke that mine saved our marriage LOL.

    Jennifer :)

  2. You've made that pretty little quilt even prettier! And I've found with flannel quilts that I can usually make them without any batting if they are flannel on both sides - if you've got a good quality flannel they're nice and flexible without being too thick and hot! And I love your thread catcher. My kleenex box is looking very plain these days - i may need to make one like yours! Maybe I can snag an old pair of my granddaughter's embroidered jeans for one.....

  3. Wahoo! Another finished product. I need to make a little girl quilt and I am not sewing right now because I am clearing rooms and getting floors refinished. It will still be waiting when I'm ready.

  4. I love the quilt. Where did you get the blue tape? Is it painters tape??

  5. Michelle -
    Yes. Painters tape I found in my garage. ;)

  6. That IS a happy quilt, and your lines look really straight.

    LOL -- I used to tape a little paper sack by my sewing machine and deposit threads in it as I sewed (a trick from classes at a quilting shop). Now I've gotten lazy and just drop them wherever. Maybe if I make myself a cute thread catcher I'll be better.

  7. Lovely little quilt! I use an empty plastic coffee can for my thread catcher, but yours is much nicer

  8. Such a cheerful, happy quilt, Beth, and it looks so soft.

  9. Pretty quilt! I use blue painter's tape for quilting straight lines, too:)

  10. Just looking at that quilt makes me feel happy and creative.

    And I love the simple quilting too - sometimes a quilt just screams "dont make me compete for attention from the quilting"

    Fabulous job and a great finish.

  11. oh wow - what a sweet thread catcher! I didn't know there was such a thing - I just amass a little pile and try to sweep it all in the trash, but I can see the genius of your little sack (and the fun of playing with my scraps).

    I like that little green and pink quilt and I love your simple quilting. You're fast, too!


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