Thursday, June 10, 2010


Here's my GO TO quilt design when
I want to give someone a quilt....
I have no time!

This time I decided to make a blue quilt.
I wanted to use subtle colors because I don't really
know what the recipient would like!

I first went shopping in my garage. ;)
That's where I keep my stash.
I found a variety of blue prints.
This time I found 11 different fabrics
that sort of go together.

I cut one strip from each 3" wide.
(the width of fabric)

I put 3 or 4 strips together.

Now that I have those long pieces
I cut them into 10" segments.
Then played around with the placement.

Three rows.
I only needed one more little 3"x10" bar to even them up!!!

I added a light color sashing.
4" wide.

Then I added a flowery fun border!
That one is 6" wide.

My quilt is ready to be quilted.

Since it is kind of boring...
I'm going to go all out and quilt some feathers!
Wish me luck!

The question is...
white thread or dark??

My friend Marilyn is having a give away.

You can win some Free fabric!!!


  1. Rather than boring, I think is calming. That's a good thing for a quilt! I love it.

  2. Feathers. Wow! Good for you Beth.

  3. I just had to comment because I am planning a similar quilt for my neice's baby boy. Browns, blues and beiges, using a stacked coins design I found at the moda bake shop by Crazy Mom Quilts. Yours is very pretty!

  4. I love coin quilts. Yours is very pretty~I vote light thread!

  5. Beth that is not boring,it is very sweet. I have just finished a green and white baby Coin Quilt.Made a mess of my quilting so no pictures and unpicking is next on the agenda!!
    I would say use light thread.

  6. Yep-I'm a big fan of the coin quilts myself. (I have one as my header pciture that I did for DD for Christmas last year)

    Your quilt is anything but boring. It is calming and restful and your quilting idea will bring out as yet unseen beauty for the lucky recipient.

    I think your quilt is beautiful!

  7. Really nice quilt! Thanks for posting the instructions - this will be a good addition to our quilt ministry repertoire (I have no idea if that's how you spell that but it looks good!). We always need good looking quilts that work up fast.....

  8. Missed you today! Looks like you were very productive even though Chloe was not there to 'help' you. I really like this quilt-- definitely on my list of "to-dos"!

  9. I've made several coin quilts in a pinch myself. I'm working on a blue/purple one right now, in fact. I'm impressed with your quilting feathers........I'd go with white thread if it were me. Great job, Beth!

  10. that is a great simple go to design. i love what you've done with the nice!


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