Friday, April 23, 2010

can't put this down.

I began quilting this yesterday
and I can't put it down!!!

This is my liberated amish basket quilt.
I've already begun quilting the third basket out of 16!
I did not mark this quilt.
I'm just following along with the piecing.

This big old fashioned quilt stitch goes fast!!

I looked and looked for some smaller weight perle cotton...
I was patient...(amazing but true)...
and finally found some 20 weight thread at
Hobby Lobby when I was visiting my daughter.

Love the back!!!
I'm using wool batting.

And I'm definitely enjoying myself as I quilt away!!

I'll add this to Amy's show and tell...
then I'll go around and see what everyone else
has been up too!!
I'm always inspired!!


  1. Wow, that is so-o-o-o-o-o-o gorgeous!!! I am totally inspired!!!

  2. Beth, If that quilt needs a home when you are finished, I will give it lots of love! Wowsers!

  3. I just love your quilting! I want to try somthing similar....

  4. this hand stitching is amazing. it looks so beautiful. you do a fantastic job

  5. Your stitching looks so pretty! Love the colors in your baskets too!

  6. Wow! The hand stitching is fabulous!

  7. Gorgeous! I love the colors and your hand-quilting is fantastic! I'm always happy to meet another hand-quilter. :-)

  8. Love the quilting -- I can seee why you can't put it down!

  9. So gorgeous! And just yesterday I was trying to talk myself OUT of handquilting any of my many UFOs. Dang, now I'm leaning the other way. I really just need to take the plunge! I'm so afraid to fail that I won't even let myself start. I think my liberated string quilt and maybe my Mod Valentine quilts would be wonderful handquilted. Come on, Beth! Talk me into it! Tell me how easy it is!

  10. Wow, your quilting is amazing! It really sets it off. I love the colors!

  11. It is so pretty even on the back. Isn't wool great to hand quilt.

  12. Can I say I love this!! Wow. 20 wt? Can you email me the brand! Thanks.

    Again, this is beautiful!

  13. What a gorgeous the colours & your quilting is perfect!

  14. I did "big" hand stitching on a wall sampler once and enjoyed doing it, but must admit I almost had to force myself NOT to take tiny stitches! Funny how we get programmed! This quilt is coming out beautifully. Eager to see the finished product.

  15. Very nice, Beth! Love the colors of the baskets, too.

  16. Wow that is pretty, those big stitches give it so much texture!

  17. I love the utility stitch on quilts like this.
    YOur choice of colors for the threads intrigues me, can you share why you chose those colors?
    love the way they look, I really Love the way your quilting this quilt
    and well I just love this quilt of yours!

  18. Oh, Beth it's absolutely stunning. What a beautiful quilt!

  19. Add me to the list of people who covet that quilt-it is amazing Beth-really realy amazing...everything about it. YOU are amazing...keep the the great work!

  20. Your Amish inspired quilt is looking so wonderful! The quilting really suites the quilt. Is it difficult to run the thread through?

  21. The big stitch is gorgeous on this quilt!!! At the speed you are going it'll be quilted in no time!!

  22. Beth, I love how you are quilting your liberated amish baskets. Those big stitches really give it a wonderful look. You have motivated me to pull mine out and finish up the quilting. Thanks for sharing!


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