Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The seventh quilt top.
done! done! done!
I think this one is one of my favorites!
Love that "piano key" border that pulls it all together.
O.k. the tops are done.
NOW....Only 5 quilts to quilt.
To celebrate I made something.
I chose a day when NO ONE would be home.
I like to cook alone.
It's so much easier to concentrate that way...
And to eat the goodies of course.

I'd been wanting to make some stuffed Jalapeno peppers.
So.....I walked to the store to buy the few things that I would need.
Yes. Walked.
I had to give myself a pat on the back for that part!
Jennifer Jo had my mouth watering here.
She normally has my stomach growling!
Here are the peppers before the 1 hour wait.

Here they are in all their glory.
What a nice treat for finishing those quilt tops!

My eyes said I could eat the whole batch!

I tried.


  1. oh the peppers look delicious - and i think a recipe is in order!!

    the quilt top is beautiful!!

    ONLY 5 quilts to quilt??? yipes - will you do them one after the other (in one sitting per se) or will you do them a bit at a time between other projects?

  2. got it at jennifer jo's

  3. YUM! I am a jalapeno pepper lover. And the quilts are good, too. Thanks.

  4. Your quilt tops are beautiful! And, YUM, your jalapenos look so good...

    Jennifer :)

  5. This quilt is really pretty, Beth! I like the piano key border, too...oh, and it's blue! ;-)

  6. I hope you have no long-term ill effects from your popper overdose!

    I like the quilt. It's cheerie.

  7. Another wonderful flimsy to add to the quilting pile! Congrats on your finish..the quilt top is beautiful. :)
    Your poppers look good too!

  8. Mmmmmmmmm. Those jalapeƱos look pretty good right now!

  9. The seventh quilt top is the charm. Very pretty.

  10. Ahhh Seventh Heaven quilt, I'd say! Tell me again who they are for? I missed that somehow...sorry:(

  11. The quilts are for 6 graduating high school seniors at church and one more for my nephew who is also graduating!

  12. great quilt! I like the piano keys too
    the food looks yummy!

  13. I think I like your seventh quilt best, too! Love the looks of a piano keys border.

    I woulda/coulda helped you eat the goodies . . . you shoulda called. ;o)

  14. I like this quilt. The piano key border definitely adds to the charm.