Thursday, April 29, 2010


I was intrigued after visiting Bonnie's blog recently
and then seeing a fellow quilter's scrap quilt
using only "darks" and "lights".
What is a dark and what is a light?
I thought I'd try to use scraps and not control the
fabric choices in ANY other way.
I happen to have a lot of scraps.
These scraps do not necessarily go together.
Can I put them together anyway???
I'm trying.
I like how it's looking so far,
but I can also imagine using a more controlled
fabric selection might make this even BETTER!!
I think.

Such a simple block.
Does anyone know the name?
I'm too lazy to go figure it out.
I made a bunch with light center squares.
Can you see how I substituted that green.
I didn't have enough of every fabric.
Isn't that what using scraps is all about???
and a bunch with dark center squares.

Here are the dimensions:

three dark 2" squares.

two light 2" squares.
two light 2"x 3 1/2" rectangles.

That all turns into a 5" block!

Do some with dark centers and some with light!
A FUN, EASY quilt!


  1. Personally, I think quilts like this are so much more creative than quilts made with "controlled" fabrics - and they are certainly truer to the original intent of quilts, which was to create warm bedding from things that would normally be wasted. Your quilt looks FABULOUS - the kind of quilt that you spend time looking at and remembering all the things that you made from those fabrics before they were scraps! And I love the criss-crossing light and dark centers. Sorry to get on my bandwagon! But it really is a great quilt!!

  2. It looks great! I love the scrappy look, and agree it harkens back to the days when quilters had to use just what was on hand.

  3. I have made four of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts, all using scraps that don't seem to "go", but do in the end. It's a great way to clear out some of the older stuff. Adding in some "modern" fabrics helps make everything be more up to date also. I like the pattern you are doing.

  4. Oh Sara Craig!!!

    truer words have never been written.....

    in the blogger world ~(that i've read anyway)

    A story of fabric!!


  5. I love this quilt! It has a very creative and spontaneous feel to it...

    Jennifer :)

  6. Scrap quilts are the best! and this one is yummy!

  7. Definitely a winner in my book. Scrap quilts tell a story of past times and look as if they could have been made a hundred years ago. Well, okay, not with some of the fabrics but you know what I mean.

    WHERE do you find all your time to quilt?? Confess now. You have a maid, cook, laundress, gardener, etc., etc. don't you? Would they like to "vacation" in Minnesota sometime? ;o)

  8. Wow, Beth, it looks Great! I can see the lines of the dark and light-- you got so far since I left yesterday afternoon! I guess it helps not having to 'help' Chloe and me all the time ;) Will you finish this before I finish mine? hmm....

  9. Simple is the best. Looks great Bth.

  10. That is so pretty -- I've gotta try one!

  11. You are inspiring me to try this. I found myself drawing this design out on my church notes tonight-oops!
    :-} pokey

  12. That is coming together beautifully!! I love truely scrappy, although I do go for colour controlled sometimes too! Great job :)

  13. I love your scrappy quilt! It's surprising sometimes how you can throw a group of fabrics together and they just work. ;)
    I like that you added in a different green when you were short of the first too. This is the kind of quilt I like most! :)


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