Friday, April 16, 2010

April Bees.

I sure had fun with these two blocks!!
Can I have a quilt with a whole bunch of these??

Tracy from the Nitanny Block party sent some fabric
and requested anything,
but she likes improvisational.
I was inspired by Carla....
who was inspired by Gwen Marston!
since I'm taking a class from Gwen next week...
guess what I thought about the whole time?

You're right!!
I dreamed about that quilt class..
happening next Tuesday!!
I can't wait!
Dreaming about things is almost better than
the REAL thing for me!!
I hope that Tracy doesn't mind that little bit of
GREEN I put in there.
I hand appliqued the leaves and circles...
so she can just take them off
if she wants!!
I kind of like that little bit of green!

Then Sarah over at the Modern quilting bee
sent strips...already cut!!
And newspaper to paper piece these blocks.
Let me tell you....
It was a struggle.
She requested 3/16" seams.
Do you know how hard that was for me??? was.
I'm sorry Sarah.
When it comes to numbers,
I'm a little challenged.
I'm sending these to Sarah.
Two corners in each of these blocks has a little
blank area.
I had four chances to get it right
and I just couldn't do it!!
She said that was o.k....
It just doesn't feel right.
But, I'm sending them back.
She'll fix 'em up...I'm sure!!
You know...
Trim them down...
Add a little piece....
Who knows how she'll work her magic???
But I know she will. :)


  1. I am blown away by your creativity! When the instructions were for improv -- all I could think of was, well -- you've probably seen my blocks. My mind just did not see all the possibilities. Well done, Beth!

  2. Your Nitanny Blocks are WONDERFUL! And that little addition of green? Perfect. What an eye you have. I do love applique. So why don't I do more of it??

  3. Where is Gwen teaching? Lucky girl. Great blocks.

  4. Oh, mercy, girl! You have ME dreaming about going to a Gwen Marston class. Well, it would be day=dreaming because I sure wouldn't be able to sleep. I am so jealous. I adore your blocks. I felt so proud of myself for appliqueing the handles on my sandpails. Then I saw your stems and flowers/leaves....I am in love! It is so fun that we thought "alike, but different" on these! Your blog is great. I'm going to become a follower right now!

  5. cool blocks!
    I understand the difficulties in changing the seam allowance!
    thanks for stopping by.
    Happy quilting!


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