Tuesday, April 13, 2010

another 16 patch!

I'm sitting here counting on my fingers...
trying to remember how many quilt tops I've finished for the
graduating seniors and how many I have left....
My mind is not cooperating!

Here's the fifth...I think.
I'm too lazy to go and have a look. ;)

Isn't the design on this one nice?
A little simpler than this or this.

My only problem is I design as I go
These pieces didn't make the "cut".
But they are cut!!!
If I had FIRM plans this kind of thing wouldn't happen...
or would it???

As I sew, I lay out blocks and add blocks and
take away blocks and move blocks around.

Then I end up with these guys.
The ones who don't quite fit in.

Maybe these pieces will be the
backbone of the next quilt!!
Who knows??
I'm adding this to amy's sew and tell!


  1. Designing as you go is so much more fun.-) I keep lots of those little treasures in a box; as you say - they are great starters for a new quilt and sometimes there's enough for a whole quilt or pillow or table runner...

  2. I Always enjoy your blog.....

    maybe those "spares" could find their way into an 'orphan' container....for a later date...and an orphan quilt??


  3. I think the fact that you have those "leftovers" is simply a sign of your creativity. Really. And so what if they don't EVER get used? The quilt you didn't use them in ends up being better and unique because of the changes you made! Yay, creativeness!

  4. Or maybe just include them in the back? And I'm with you designing as you go helps to keep you engaged. It's fun! Except when someone wants to know how you patterned it. . .Oh, well! It'll be great! I love your project!

  5. Very pretty! Those graduating seniors will really appreciate their quilts in the years to come!

  6. Lucky graduating seniors! This is one terrific top. You can never go wrong with a traditional pattern like this one.

  7. It's very nice, and looks like something anyone would love to get comfortable with! I like the other ones you linked to as well. All so pretty!

  8. Wonderful quilt! Wow, 5?! I only wish I could be that productive!

  9. Great graduation gift idea! You're amazing!

  10. How sweet of you to make those quilts. They are going to very loves. I really like the fabric and pattern to this one.

  11. I admire you - designing as you sew. My mind so does not cope with this. You are one generous lady. Lovely quilt.

  12. That's lovely! What a nice thing for you to do! Are you doing all the quilting, too?


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