Friday, April 9, 2010


I think I'm ready for the retreat!
I'm providing a little craft at the women's retreat this weekend.
I made a selection of some red mini pillows.
Some black.

Here's the pile.
About 35 mini pillows...
or sachets...
or pin cushions...
They are all ready to be stuffed and decorated!!
It was fun to make a bunch.
I just hope that everyone has one that they like.

I'm taking my machine and some scraps...
just in case!!!

Here are the little thread kits!
I cut some card stock and wrapped
pre-cut thread around those.

This way we won't need scissors as often.
I don't have enough scissors for 35 people
and I didn't want to buy a bunch!!

Aida cloth and more ribbon!
I also have buttons..
And patterns...those are important.
Here's a link to the samples.
I can't wait to show you what all the ladies
come up with!!

I'm leaving this in the cupboard
so that I won't worry about the family meals.
I may come home and find it still sitting there. ;)


  1. I wish I could be there; it sounds great! Have fun!

  2. Wow, that's a lot of mini pillows! You've been busy! Great finish!

  3. Delightful! They all look beautiful to me, so I doubt you'll have any complaints. :-) Have fun!

  4. oh that sounds like a yummy dinner...the little pillows are a great idea.

  5. Sew wishing we could all have a retreat buddy like you!

    Enjoy to your heart's content!

  6. What a retreat!

    If it's anything like our house, there will pizza boxes in the garage!

  7. You sure look like you're organized! Hope you have a wonderful time.

    P.S. I think it's a good thing for the family to be left without Mom for a short period. Makes 'em realize ALL that you do!

  8. So wonderfully organised. I hope you have a great time away.

  9. Oh have a good time! I love those all stacked up together, they look so happy to be going to a party!

  10. They look fantastic - enjoy your retreat! Have you ever used empty dental floss containers to pop thread in? Thread it through and voila - eliminates the need for scissors in certain situations (some bobbins fit perfectly) . I leave a couple in my sewing bag all the time, FWIW.

  11. Well, you definitely ARE ready! Have a wonderful time and then tell us all about it!

  12. That is ready - I think marriage vows should come with mandatory retreats!

  13. It looks like a fun get-together, and I'm sure your friends will appreciate how well prepared you are. Thanks for the link to the vintage sheet group. I'm going to have fun looking at the flickr pages.

  14. Beth, I am sure your retreat was a blast. You look like you have everything covered. So fun! Thank you for sharing!


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