Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Can you believe it?
I didn't lose any points on this one!!

I know it was that fancy trianglesonaroll paper I was using
I still want a few brownie points for doing it!

You just don't know how I struggle with getting things to
Match up!
truth be told...I don't usually worry about it too much.

It was kind of exhilarating to finally have a quilt come
out looking so .....well......perfect.
It is a small one.
And I did have those little triangle papers.
And I did slow down a bit.....

I really DO need to slow down!

Here's the back.

I pieced in the baby's name to the quilt back instead of

adding it as an appliqued tag afterwards.
Fun, huh?

Details for you out there who like that kind of thing.;)

  • Simple diagonal quilting lines.
  • Each block is 4"
  • 64 blocks altogether.
  • 6" wide white border.
  • Quilt measures - 43"x43"

Have fun quilting today!

I'm adding this to sew and tell friday!


  1. I hereby award you 1000 brownie points! (I hope that's good. I have no idea what a brownie point is worth :).

  2. Doesn't that just feel great when things turn out better than you expected? Your points are perfect. I think you deserve more than brownie points, you deserve brownies!

  3. I'm so proud for you! (having done hst's for a pinwheel, it is easier said than accomplished!)

  4. More than brownie points to you!!!

    i really love your work...


  5. Aaah, perfect triangles marching along; just lovely!

  6. Juuuust lovely! There is something about a quilt done totally with half square triangles that really appeals to me. Like the back, too. Good job!

  7. Beautiful! Love the row you put on the back as well!

  8. I have seen people totally screw up paper pieced triangles so you definitely deserve brownie points.

  9. Sending you a 9x13" pan of your favorite flavor brownies this is so blasted cute!

    Good for you!

  10. Looks perfect! Those paper things are great - I use them, too, and it's worth the tedium of picking off the paper for those points!

  11. beautiful! the only thing I ever tried with triangles made me run right back to squares! I'll have to check out that trianglesonaroll of which you speak! Never heard of it (I haven't heard of lots of things though... I will milk the 'i'm new to quilting' excuse as long as possible!)

  12. Sweet! Nice matching points. Paper triangles are worth the effort. Great finish!

  13. I know, matching is overrated, but this is beautiful--the fabrics are wonderful, and great backing. Slowing down--maybe underrated? Good work!

  14. Beth, you definitely get brownie points on this one! Great job on matching those points. The quilt is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  15. This points are great! Great job. I have a similar sewing philosophy. Sometimes when I slow down and take care it still doesn't match and then other times when I am not so careful everything comes together wonderfully. Go figure.

  16. your points are really perfect!!! did you use thangles? i need to get some solids so that i can do the half triangles justice like you did. it set the colors you used off so nicely. great finish

  17. The quilt looks great! I really need to try making some HSTs. Everyone's doing it!!! :-)

  18. Your quilt DOES look perfect. All the triangles are lined up beautifully! Great job!

  19. I also have to tell myself to slow down! Too funny :o)

    Your quilt looks perfect and it all matches up. Very pretty!

  20. I use, and love thangles all the time! You just get so much more done that way! Smart I say. Very cute, very sweet baby quilt!! I bet lots of cuddling will happen in it!

  21. I think triangles and white leave such a bright cheery element to a yours!

  22. Even using triangles on a roll, it's stil tricky getting things to match up. Good for you!

  23. Awesome job! Perfect triangles, wow! Love the fabric, too.


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