Saturday, February 20, 2010

picture day!

Baseball season has arrived for these two.
They are both playing "challenger baseball".
What's that, you ask?
Children with disabilities are on teams that
utilize the little league boys as "buddies" for their games.
They use the same fields as the regular little league and
have their games usually beforehand.
It is the most "feel good" sporting event I have ever been to,
And I've been to a lot!
My two little ones here LOVE it! was picture day.
As you can see, I have two teams represented.
You know what that means.
Two games every week.
Two of everything!
And today it was TWO picture times.
I had a little break between the two times.
Guess what's right down the street?
Retail Therapy!
And, I really needed some sanity!

So, I drove down the street to my local sewing machine shop.
They will be closing soon and
All the fabric was 50% off!

There was quite a bit to choose from.

Thank heavens....because I really needed the
sanity that fabric brings me!

I see some baby quilts in my future here!
While I was there I picked up one of my quilts
that's been hanging in the shop for a while now.
It belongs in a place like a sewing machine shop....

don't you think???
This is ME.
My self portrait.
Did you smile?
You can now see that I like to
sew in slippers, robe and
I like to go FAST.
Well, now that picture day is over
I can begin cutting into that lovely fabric.
Maybe I'll have a cup of coffee first.....
Want to join me?


  1. Ah, those busy, busy sporting event weekends. I actually kind of mess those days. Call me crazy, but lots of great memories.

    I'm laying out blocks, but I'll pour myself a Diet Coke over ice and join you to sew them together.

  2. I miss those days, too. I often wonder how it all got done (five kiddos) are to be applauded with SIX!
    Thanks for sharing those charming smiles!


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