Thursday, February 11, 2010

apron power!

Imagine me
Running in and out of thrift stores
Looking for those elusive vintage linens.

When....aha!! a little teeny tiny apron!!

OOH! How cute! I can't pass that up!
How much?
Only $1.50 ?

I'll take it!

And I know JUST who it will fit!

And would you believe it?
It turned her into a dynamo of activity!
Do aprons do that for you?
There was shopping to do!

"Oh, do we need a clean up on aisle 2?"

"Here's your change."

Then she wanted to get creative.
Do aprons do that for you??

This picture was lovingly painted.

So careful with that brush.

" How do I look?"

We think you look just right!!

Her Mom's been busy too!

Jennifer's bag....without a pattern!

After all that, I put on an apron wondering...
"Can I be creative and industrious too?"
It worked. ;)
I made some soup. Yum!
Amazing what donning a simple apron will do!!
Now not walk...over to Jennifer Jo's.
This soup was more that wonderful!!!
The only adjustments I made were
1. no sea salt
2. I did use barley instead of wild rice.

Be prepared. It makes enough to serve an army!
Now, put on an apron and tell me....
what happens to you??


  1. Cute pictures :). And I totally believe in apron power! After not wearing an apron for years, I put one on a couple of times over Christmas, and I was transformed into a domestic goddess! Unfortunately, I forgot all about that poor apron, and the cooking and cleaning are going downhill rapidly.

  2. She looks so cute in that apron. $1.50 well spent me thinks.

  3. Love that Chloe...darling pictures and apron! The soup looks wonderful, too!

  4. Holy Cow! Somebody get me an apron . . . QUICK!

  5. Very cute post, and a very cute baby too. When my kids were little I made them little aprons and they did wear them a lot. Now I only wear an apron when I'm going to do marathon cooking on the holidays. Maybe if I wore one more often I'd feel like cooking...


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