Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Flowers....thanks to my dear husband.
Soooo pretty.
These little guys greet me everytime I walk in the front door.
Just had to share them with you!!

And then let you know...
I've got a lot going on over here today!

I'm sending these blocks to Sherri over
This block was a good one and she has a
little tutorial over there!

I may even start one of these for me...someday.

Doing a jigsaw puzzle with some scraps.
My son really liked that last quilt, so I thought
I'd make him a little ocean themed
Wall hanging.
He has 3 quilts on his bed but
NONE on his wall!!
Problem solved. ;)

I'll be ignoring this mess today.....

....While I'm quilting my redwork quilt.
I hope to show you the whole thing really soon!
Then I need to get it to the Local Quilt Shop!
How FUN!!


  1. Looking forward to the finished product of that red work, Beth!

  2. Oh, my! Lot's of great stuff going on over here. Pansies are so sweet, I LOVE Sherri's block, and what is it about redwork?!? I've never done it, but have always liked it -- and that looks like a great red and white quilt!


  3. YOur Red Work quilt is looking beautiful! I had to check your profile to see where you are that you can have flowers! AH, sunny CA. :)

  4. Wow, do I ever like that block in your first picture under the flowers. (Truth be told, the flowers upset me a little when I think how long we have to go yet before seeing anything like that in these parts!) And your redwork quilt! You should be very, very proud of that when it's done.


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