Friday, February 26, 2010

library day!

Here's one of my Christmas presents.

After seeing this movie I was inspired....
NOT to be a wonderful cook...
sorry kids...
but to learn more about Julia Child.
Her enthusiasm about cooking reminded me of
my enthusiasm about quilting!!

I ordered her book from the interlibrary loan system.
What a GREAT invention!!

I picked it up today, so now you all know what
I'LL be doing this weekend!!
(and I hear there's rain coming my way...woo hoo!)

I also brought this book home.
Don't you think I'll be inspired by looking at these knits?
It looks very much like a quilt book...hmmmm.

Then there was this book:
This one's been checked out by "yours truly"
Many TIMES!!
Everything about the title screams My name...
Scrap quilts...the art of making do
That fits me to a "T".
I'm hoping it will again inspire me as I
DREAM about using some gifts sent by
a quilting-blog-friend Barbara.
Thanks Barbara!!!

Aren't these pretty?

This is one of my favorites!!!

And LAST but not least...
Do you think I'll learn anything from this one???

I can sure use the help!!!


  1. I loved that movie!!! Have fun with the book!

  2. My Life in France is a great read, and the movie is one of my favorites too. Enjoy the fabrics.

  3. I loved the movie (and actually liked it better than the book -- which is rare for me). But the real treat is My Life in France. I, too, was intrigued by Julia Child and just had to read more. I really enjoyed that book. And even though I kind of a slapdash, throw anything together quickly to get back to sewing, kind of cook, I was inspired enough by Julie to ask for a receive a Julia Child cooking class for Christmas. The class is tomorrow night, and it is hands on. Yikes! Visions of Julia chopping hundreds of onions!

    I love the interlibrary loan system, too, and also checked out The Way to Cook, but had to return it before I made anything. Oops :). And I have a copy of the Roberta Horton book. I bought it at a used bookstore and also could not resist the name.


  4. Oh -- and are those vintage fabrics? Pretty!

  5. Pretty vintage fabrics. . .Love. I've yet to see Julie and Julia, but I have fond memories of watching Julia on PBS with my grandma when I was little.


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